Memories review: A complex, illogical plot that leaves you exhausted

Syam-Praveen’s directorial has too many versions of the same story that demands too much attention from audiences, which isn’t possible.

ByManigandan KR

Published:Mar 10, 2023

memories tamil movie
Tests your patience!

Memories (Tamil)

  • Cast: Vetri, Ramesh Thilak, Hareesh Peradi, RNJ Manohar, Sajil, Dayana, and Parvathy
  • Directors: Syam-Praveen
  • Music: Gavaskar Avinash
  • Producer: Shiju Thameens
  • Runtime: 1 hour 58 minutes

Through Memories, directors Syam and Praveen deliver a complex, multi-layered psychological crime thriller that can be quite demanding on the audience.

The average audience is bound to find the plot too complex and tedious to follow.

Meanwhile, the extremely smart ones — who have both the patience and the acumen to follow the developments and understand the plot comprehensively — are bound to find themselves posing logical questions for which the film offers little or no answers.

Nevertheless, the movie is a brave attempt at narrating a complex plot.


a still from memories

Vetri in a still from ‘Memories’. (Supplied)

The film begins with a television programme called “Memories” which narrates the story of an innocent man called Venky (Vetri) who has been conned into accepting a series of crimes he did not commit.

The narration begins with Venky regaining consciousness to find himself in what appears to be a dilapidated clinic in the middle of a forest.

He has no recollection of who he is and what he is doing there in the forest. When he poses questions about his identity to Abinav Ramanujam, the doctor treating him, he gets no answers. Instead, all that Abinav does is take Venky on a drive.

In the car, Venky stumbles upon a newspaper that carries a report that claims that he is wanted in connection with a series of murders.

A flabbergasted Venky finds it hard to come to terms with the fact that he is a murderer. He knows deep inside his heart that he is innocent but has no memory of who he is, what actually transpired and why he finds himself in his current position.

When he again tries to extract information from Abinav Ramanujam, the doctor only laughs and tells him he has exactly 17 hours to know who he is. What happens then is what Memories is all about.

Too complex to understand

Memories has too many developments that are strikingly similar to one another with each individual in each development assuming a different character name and a different role.

The core plot is the same. An innocent man has been framed by removing his memories and planting new ones.

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But there are different versions of who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. The versions keep changing and send you into a tizzy.

still memories movie

A still from ‘Memories’ movie. (Supplied)

Due to its tedious nature and how the story is narrated, the audience runs the risk of losing the plot completely even if they lose attention for a moment. Such undivided attention is rarely possible.


Actor Vetri, who plays the lead character, is not entirely convincing. Although there are portions in which he looks impressive, by and large, he is found struggling to deliver a convincing performance.

Hareesh Peradi as the interviewer in the television programme delivers yet another commendable performance.

Actress Parvathy, who plays the female lead Janaki, delivers a neat performance. She appears for only a brief period but impresses you within that short period.

Late actor RNR Manohar plays a pivotal role in this film — probably his last.

He does total justice to the character of Perumal. Manohar seems to have given one more outstanding performance for his fans to cherish.

Ramesh Thilak and Dayana come up with credible performances.

Technical crafts

On the technical front, music director Gavaskar Avinash does a good job. The background score is pulsating for the most part and the numbers are mellifluous and enjoyable.

Cinematography is done by two camerapersons: Armo and Kiran. It is unclear who shot which portions and therefore credit must be accorded to both equally.

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In particular, how a chase sequence in the initial portions of the film has been picturised is impressive. Quite a lot of work seems to have been put in to shoot the sequence.


In all, Memories really tests your memory and make you sweat to make a sense of it.

(Views expressed are personal.)