Mammootty soon to be seen as a man in 30s with the help of AI, says director B Unnikrishnan

In the Kannada film 'Ghost', digital de-ageing applied technology was used to show actor Dr Shiva Rajkumar as a young man.

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Published Jan 25, 2024 | 4:59 PMUpdatedJan 25, 2024 | 4:59 PM

An upcoming film to have AI-generated young Mammootty, says B Unnikrishnan

Malayalam superstar Mammootty will soon be seen as a young man in his 30s in an upcoming movie. The actor, now 72 years old, will be converted into a 30-year-old man with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This means that there is no need for the physical presence of the actor on the location.

This update was shared by director B Unnikrishnan during a convocation of the Neo Film School in Kochi.

Addressing the film school students at a programme, Unnikrishnan said Mammootty gave his approval for the use of his AI-generated versions for the project. Mammootty, a tech-savvy, acknowledged the significant role technology will play in the future of filmmaking, the director revealed.

However, Unnikrishnan didn’t reveal the details of the movie.

Hollywood and other industries are embracing AI and this development in this modern era.

In Hollywood, it has become mandatory to obtain performers’ consent for creating AI-generated digital replicas even posthumously as it requires approval from authorised people.

In the Kannada film Ghost (2023), digital de-ageing applied technology was used to show actor Dr Shiva Rajkumar as a young man.

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Corporate houses involved: Unnikrishnan

Unnikrishnan also noted that AI was negatively affecting the industry, and the corporate production houses were not allowing the filmmakers in their creative process. These production companies will see the final edit of a movie with their team and decide whether the final product is without any consultations with the director, he alleged.

A similar statement was made recently by Mridul Nair, director of the Malayalam movie Kasargold (2023).

In an interview with South First, Mridul Nair said the Mumbai-based corporate producers were involved in his creative space.

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