Kerala politicians stand by Mammootty in online harassment over ‘Puzhu’, call him state’s pride

The controversy erupted after social media posts claimed that the movie 'Puzhu', released in 2022, was anti-Brahmanical.


Published May 15, 2024 | 4:02 PMUpdatedMay 15, 2024 | 4:02 PM

Kerala politicians stand by Mammootty in online harassment over 'Puzhu'

Politicians from the Left and the Congress party in Kerala have rallied behind Malayalam superstar Mammootty who is facing online harassment from certain right-wing sympathisers in connection with his movie Puzhu, which was released two years ago.

The controversy erupted after posts on social media platforms claimed that Puzhu (2022) was anti-Brahmanical.

Netizens even used Mammootty’s birth name, Muhammed Kutty, to criticise the National Award-winning actor in connection with Puzhu, a psychological drama directed by debutant filmmaker Ratheena PT.

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The controversy

The controversy erupted following a recent interview given by the woman director’s husband to an online channel where he claimed that Puzhu was against a particular community and criticised Mammootty for doing it.

Rubbishing the social media campaign against the legendary actor, several persons, including state Ministers V Sivankutty and K Rajan and AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal came out in support of Mammootty.

Senior CPI (M) leader and General Education Minister V Sivankutty put up a Facebook post sharing a photo of him with the actor, who has won three national awards, among many other recognitions.

“Mammootty is Malayalees’ pride,” the minister said in the FB post.

CPI leader and Revenue Minister K Rajan also described Mammootty as the “Pride of Kerala and Malayalees”.

The minister alleged that “Sangh Parivar politics” was behind such campaigns and said that such propaganda would not reap its desired results in the state.

“This is Kerala,” he pointed out to those behind the campaign. Recalling a similar campaign unleashed against eminent director Kamal some time ago, the minister said, “The Sanghi politics of calling Mammootty as Mohammed Kutty, Kamal as Kamaluddin and Vijay as Joseph Vijay will not reap any result here.”

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‘Will not support such propaganda’

Sharing similar views, AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal also strongly supported Mammootty and said the secular society of the state would not support such propaganda.

He said no matter how hard they try to brand a person who has clear political views and acting skills, the people of the state won’t support them.

In an FB post, the Congress leader further said that Kerala society must take care of the actor without being affected by the “poison of hate campaigns”.

A person like Mammootty cannot be confined to the compartments of religion and caste, he said, adding that vested interests are doing so with a clear political agenda.

“Mammootty is being Mohammed Kutty only in the contemptuous minds of those hate campaigners,” the leader added.

The actor is yet to react to the controversy.

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