Kannada watchlist: No star-studded releases in May, too!

With the election heat cooling down, a slew of small/medium-budget Kannada films are set to hit the screens.

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Published Apr 30, 2024 | 5:46 PMUpdatedApr 30, 2024 | 5:46 PM

Kannada watchlist for May 2024

Thanks to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, May 2024 will be a dry month for the Kannada film industry.

However, With the election heat cooling down, a slew of small/medium-budget Kannada films are set to hit the screens in May. However, there are no big releases yet.

Here’s the Kannada watchlist for May 2024:

Ramana Avatara

Ramana Avatara, headlined by Rishi and Pranitha Subhash, is written and directed by Vikas Pampapathi.

Amrej Suryavanshi is bankrolling it under the banner of Starfab Productions.

The film also casts Arun Sagar, Shubra Aiyappa, and Anirudh Acharya in key roles.

Ramana Avathara is about a youngster named Rama Krishna who aspires to become a political leader. In the process, he faces several unexpected situations which help him become a true leader.

Judah Sandy is composing the music for the Kannada film.

Vishnu Prasad P and Sameer Deshpande are the cinematographers.

It is slated for release on 10 May.

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4N6 is a crime psychologist thriller helmed by director Darshan Srinivas.

It stars Rachana Inder, Bhavani Prakash, Naveen Kumar Mahadev, Adhya Sekhar, and Arjun M Rao in prominent roles.

The story revolves around police officer Naisha and her team who leave no stone unturned to solve cases. Naisha faces harassment from a higher official, but she never backs down. Surprisingly, all the cases Naisha and the team take up reach a stalemate.

Sai Preethi Narayan is producing 4N6. Sai Somesh is the music director.

Muthuraj Jayashankar is the cinematographer.

The film will hit the screens on 10 May.

Grey Games

Directed by Gangadhar Salimath, Grey Games is a suspense thriller. Vijay Raghavendra and Shruthi Prakash play the lead roles in it.

Bhavana Rao, Jai Gopinath, Ishitha Singh, and Aparna Vastarey are also part of the cast.

Grey Games is about a 20-year-old online gamer who is on a relentless quest in the metaverse to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of his girlfriend.

Anand Mugad bankrolled the film.

The music has been scored by Doleshwar Raj, Ashwin Hemanth, and Shriyansh Shreeram.

Varun DK is the cinematographer and Jagadish N is the editor.

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