Jai Ganesh review: Unni Mukundan’s thriller, based on social issues, is worth watching

Making wise, Ranjith Shankar's directorial has a decent pace with apt music scored by Shankar Sharma.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published:Apr 12, 2024

Unni Mukundan's Jai Ganesh is directed by Ranjith Sankar

Jai Ganesh (Malayalam)

11-04-2024, Drama, Thriller , 2 hours 5 minutes U
  • Main Cast: Unni Mukundan, Mahima Nambiar, Jomol, and Hareesh Peradi
  • Director: Renjith Shankar
  • Producer: Dreams and Beyond, Unni Mukundan Films
  • Music Director: Sankar Sharma
  • Cinematography: Selvaraj



Unni Mukundan’s Jai Ganesh was touted to be a superhero film. However, with the film, the makers have set the stage for an Indian superhero flick based on a cartoon character created by the protagonist.

Like Ranjith Shankar’s previous works — Passenger (2009), Arjunan Sakshi (2011) and Punyalan Agarbathis (2013), Jai Ganesh also discusses several social issues. However, it features a handicapped young man fighting against the odds.

While the movie raises numerous issues, the filmmaker focuses on a particular incident.


Unni Mukundan and Mahima Nambiar in a poster of Jai Ganesh

Unni Mukundan and Mahima Nambiar in a poster of ‘Jai Ganesh’. (X)

Ganesh, a young graphic designer, is wheelchair-bound. He works for a yellow media outlet. He is not happy with his job. But he has another area of interest.

He is an ethical hacker and becomes a key source of information for a lawyer named Parvathy (played by Jomol).

Interestingly, Ganesh is also a sketch artist and a storyteller. He narrates stories through a cartoon character named “Jai Ganesh”. The stories are mainly based on his experiences and insecurities. But he is distracting all these issues by giving vital clues to investigating officers and his lawyer friend.

Ganesh has a young friend named Ayan who motivates him. Ayan plays an important role in the film. After a point, the whole story revolves around an incident involving him.

Writer-director Ranjith Shankar’s story deals with the Skandapuram waste treatment plant — a direct reference to the Brahmapuran waste plant, which was in the news last year after a fire broke out in the dump yard where the whole waste of Kochi city was being dumped.

He gives an insight into the realities faced by people in this area. But he doesn’t try to focus only on that issue. The plot is set against the backdrop of the waste plant.

The first half revolves around the protagonist’s life and his struggles. Here, he encounters Nidhi (Mahima Nambiar), a publisher and a young entrepreneur, who is impressed with his “Jai Ganesh” cartoon.

In the second half, the movie shifts to a mission involving a kidnapper.

While the superpowers of “Jai Ganesh” exist only in the story, Ganesh raises his voice against social issues.

However, ethical hacking, VPN points, and other technical terms confuse the average audience.

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A good effort

Jai Ganesh is a good effort by Ranjith Sankar. The movie is very unlike Tovino Thomas-starrer Minnal Murali (2021), where the protagonist gets superpowers.

However, the film reminds us of Sivakarthikeyan’s Maaveeran (2023), where the protagonist sketches a cartoon character and fights against the injustice meted out to the common people. However, there are no similarities between the plots.

Though the cat-and-mouse chase is clichéd, making wise, the movie has a decent pace with apt music scored by Shankar Sharma.

There are chances for a sequel to Jai Ganesh.


Unni Mukundan plays a wheelchair-bound person in Jai Ganesh

Unni Mukundan plays a wheelchair-bound person in ‘Jai Ganesh’. (Supplied)

Unni Mukundan’s Ganesh is something new the young actor has attempted. He does a fine job of playing a wheelchair-bound character. He gives his best in the climax scenes.

However, some of his sound modulations during despair and anxiety are not clear.

Mahima Nambiar, as Nidhi, plays a crucial role. She is the confidence booster for Ganesh. The young actor, who is basking in the success of RDX (2023), does justice to her role.

Child artist Rayan Kaimal, as Ayan, is flawless.

Jomol, as a gritty lawyer, is good. Her character could have been developed more.

Senior actor Ashokan, as Ganesh’s father, is good.

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Final take

Jai Ganesh is a laudable effort by director Ranjit Shankar and his team to create a self-motivational film, which also discusses social issues. Unni Mukundan’s role in the flick will surely be a turning point in his career.

(Views expressed here are personal.)