I am truthful to every hard-earned paisa you spent on me, Vijay tells his fans

Addressing the 'Leo' success meet, the Tamil star requested his fans to stay "calm and cool" on social media and dream big in their lives.

ByManigandan KR

Published Nov 02, 2023 | 6:30 PMUpdatedNov 02, 2023 | 6:30 PM

Actor Vijay

Delighting his fans with a scintillating speech at the success meet of his film Leo, Tamil star Vijay said he had been truthful to every hard-earned paisa his fans had spent on him.

Even as loud cheers rent the air at the packed Jawaharlal Indoor Stadium on Wednesday, 1 November, the actor declared: “I live in the hearts of my fans!”

Vijay explained that he said those words only after fully understanding their significance and experiencing such a feeling.

“What can I do for all this unconditional love, friend? Even if I were to stitch slippers out of my skin for you in return for this unconditional love, it wouldn’t be enough. What I can do is be truthful to you, and I am truthful to every hard-earned paisa you spent on me. ”

Pointing out that he had been observing a rise in levels of his fans’ anger on social media, Vijay asked them why this was so. “Let’s not hurt anybody’s heart. That is not our job. We have a lot of work to do.”

Further, the actor recalled Gandhi’s saying that non-violence was more powerful than violence. “So, stay calm and cool,” he requested and went on to narrate a kutty (small) story.

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Dream big: Vijay to fans

“Two people go to a forest to hunt. One is armed with a bow and arrows, and the other is armed with a spear. The man who carried a bow and arrows looks to hunt a rabbit, and the man who carried a spear looks to hunt an elephant.”

“While the man with the bow succeeds in hunting a rabbit, the man with the spear misses his mark and returns empty-handed. Now, who among the two do you think is the achiever?” he asked his fans.

He then answered himself: “The one who went to hunt an elephant but returned empty-handed is the real achiever. Winning something that you can easily win is not victory, but attempting to win something which you know cannot be won is true victory.”

“Therefore, all of you dream big and aim big. Nobody can fault you for that,” he asserted, even as he congratulated the team members of Leo for their unrelenting contribution.