‘Ghost 2’ will be a mix of prequel and sequel: Dr Shiva Rajkumar

The Kannada superstar has dubbed his lines in all languages that 'Ghost' is releasing in — Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam.

ByShashiprasad S M

Published Oct 16, 2023 | 5:54 PMUpdated Oct 16, 2023 | 6:16 PM

‘Ghost 2’ will be a mix of prequel and sequel: Dr Shiva Rajkumar

On Sunday, 15 October, “Karunada Chakravarthy” Dr Shiva Rajkumar revealed that his upcoming pan-Indian project Ghost will be made in two parts.

Addressing the media at his residence, as part of the promotions of his most ambitious film,  the Kannada superstar said, “I chose Ghost for its pace and the newness it offers me to break the monotony of the kind of films I had been doing. In fact, I okayed the project on the same day when I heard it from the director. I will be seen in three different shades.”

The actor revealed that the period of the film is 48 hours, and all of it is packed within 137 minutes of screen time in a nonlinear pattern. “All this excited me to take it up. I only hope that the audience will also like the subject, the making style, and the pace of the film.”

He noted that the title Ghost scares “something” here.

“Sometimes we need to scare the audience (public) about something. In Ghost, it could be either for or against the system in our society.”

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A two-part film

Shiva Rajkumar in Ghost

Shiva Rajkumar in ‘Ghost’. (Supplied)

Going by the ongoing trend in the film industry, when South First sought to know from the hat-trick hero whether there would be part two of the film, Shiva Rajkumar confirmed that Ghost 2 is definitely on the cards.

Ghost will end in such a way that it will pave the way for the second part. Ghost 2 will be a mix of both a prequel and a sequel to Ghost. Some portions of Ghost 2 will dwell upon the past of the protagonist, and the rest will take off from where the first part ended,” he said.

He added, “In fact, Anupam Kher, who is making his debut in Sandalwood with Ghost, has warned us of consequences in a lighter vein if Ghost 2 is not made.”

The actor also praised the personality and the professional ethics of Anupam Kher and Jayaram Subramanian who play a major role in Ghost.

‘De-aged scenes reminded me of my mother’

About the experience of de-ageing technology, Shiva Rajkumar noted, “It was indeed a unique experience to act with a few small plasters stuck on your face. It becomes difficult to laugh.”

He added, “Though challenging it was done to serve a purpose in the film. Beyond that, there is nothing to boost so much about the high-end technology as such.”

The Kannada actor said he saw only the samples of the de-aged scene sent by Srini (director) in the initial stage.

“I just saw it with you today (Sunday, 15 October). It took my memories back to my debut film Anand (1986). I miss my mother (late Smt Parvathamma Rajkumar) who was the main force behind it back then. I wish she was there amongst us today to see it.”

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Basking in Jailer‘s success

A still from the film Ghost

A still from the film ‘Ghost’. (Supplied)

Smitten by the kind of fame, the Tamil blockbuster Jailer brought to Shivanna in other languages Film industry, the actor admitted that the cameo experience worked wonders.

“Post the cameo role in Jailer, I came across so many fans in other industries who told me how much they enjoyed my performances in other Kannada movies such as Om (1995) and Jogi (2005). A few even shared that they have seen most of Appaji’s (late Dr Rajkumar) films like Bhakta Kumbara (1974),” a visibly happy Shiva Rajkumar said.

Asked if there are any plans to show Ghost to Tamil superstar Rajinikanth and bigwigs in the other film industry, Shiva Rajkumar replied: “Just because I know them well, I do not want to make them feel obligated.”

He hastened to add, “I would have to first check for their time and availability. If everything goes accordingly, I would be delighted to showcase my work.”

And guess what? Shiva Rajkumar dubbed his lines in all languages that Ghost is releasing in — Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam.

The film is releasing worldwide on 19 October.

However, the Telugu version is releasing a week later as the distributor urged them to push the dates since Ravi Teja’s Tiger Nageswara Rao and Balakrishna’s Bhagavanth Kesari are slated for release this week.

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