Exclusive: I promise to produce only good content for family audiences, says Daali Dhananjaya

Actor-producer Daali Dhananjaya's third production venture 'Tagaru Palya' is hitting the screens on Friday, 27 October.

ByShashiprasad S M

Published Oct 26, 2023 | 6:00 PMUpdated Oct 26, 2023 | 6:30 PM

Exclusive: I promise to produce only good content for family audiences, says Daali Dhananjaya

Kannada actor Daali Dhananjaya, on one of his birthdays, said that he will produce at least one film in a year for newcomers.

And now, his third production venture — Tagaru Palya, made under his banner Daali Pictures is ready to hit the screens on Friday, 27 October.

Tagaru Palya marks the debut of Umesh K Krupa as director. Nagabhushana is the protagonist, and Amrutha Prem, the daughter of Kannada actor Nenapirali Prem, is the female lead.

In an exclusive interview with South First, actor-director-lyricist Daali Dhananjaya talks about his decision to start his own banner and much more.

Makes a promise

Dhananjaya admits that he did a few films in the past that his audience did not like.

“I was going through a phase in my initial days. It was very much part of my journey as an actor. I come from a non-film background, and I had to do a few films at the start to showcase my talent. And, like many, I also made some mistakes. It is all about learning,” Dhananjaya felt.

While pointing out that everyone goes through different phases in life, the actor assured that as a producer, he will do his best to bankroll films with good content for the family audience.

Dhananjaya added, “Tagaru Palya is one such movie which I am sure everyone will enjoy, especially those who appreciated and made Badava Rascal (2021) a big hit.”

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On his banner — Daali Pictures

Tagaru palya group

‘Tagaru Palya’ group. (Supplied)

The actor-turned-producer says he initially started his banner— Daali Pictures — to produce his films.

“I told one of my close friends about my intent to produce films for talented newcomers. I also announced it on my social media platforms. I feel proud that my production ventures and films that I have presented are all the works of all newcomers — who are now being noticed for their talent and hard work,” he said.

As regards the rumour that he bankrolls films only for his friends. Dhananjaya clarified, “I do not produce films for any friend. I do so only for good content and talented filmmakers coming from humble backgrounds.”

He also cited a few examples. “For instance, Badava Rascal (2021) director Guru Shankar once worked as a courier boy, and the present director of Tagaru Palya started as a set boy and eventually worked as an assistant under noted filmmakers.”

Tagaru Palya is deeply rooted’

A still from Tagaru Palya

A still from ‘Tagaru Palya’. (Supplied)

About Tagaru Palya, Dhananjaya says he liked the story and how the director narrated the script to him.

“The story is so deeply rooted in our culture and traditions. I, too, come from a village background and can easily relate to the subject. The film will connect the audience with good content and great entertainment. It is for both the audience who are vegetarian and non-vegetarians,” he smiled.

He also clarified that nowhere in the movie have they shown anything related to animal sacrifice.

Daali Dhananjaya said he left the job of casting to the director so he could choose the artistes who could do justice to the roles. The production team handled the rest.

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Dhananjaya as a lyricist

Apart from producing, Dhananjaya also penned the lyrics for all the songs in Tagaru Palya.

“I used to read a lot, but unfortunately, I hardly do so since I got busy in the film industry. As an actor, I portray characters; but as a writer, the urge to communicate with others through my words made me start penning lyrics,” he said.

Earlier, he wrote two songs for Orchestra Mysuru (2023).

Now that the songs from Tagaru Palya are popular, would he take up writing lyrics on a serious note?

The multi-faceted actor said he would do so only if he felt connected to the content; otherwise, it would turn into a mechanical act of just writing a few words to match the musical composition.

On ticket price

Kannada actor-producer Daali Dhananjaya

Kannada actor-producer Daali Dhananjaya. (Supplied)

Meanwhile, Karnataka’s leading film production and distribution company — KRG Studios — is releasing Tagaru Palya in the state. It announced to cap the ticketing price for the movie to ₹180 in Karnataka, barring a multiplex in Bengaluru that will charge ₹200.

Karthik Gowda of KRG Studios said they are capping the ticket of Tagaru Palya as dynamic pricing for mid-range films, making it affordable for the audience, especially family audiences, to visit theatres and enjoy the experience.

In this regard, Dhananjaya opined, “I am happy that we decided to cap the price of our movie ticket not to exceed ₹180. I feel movie tickets should be made affordable to the audience.”

He recalled, “After quitting my job, I came to Bengaluru. I used to watch movies every week. I would stand in queues to buy tickets as booking online was a costly affair. By making tickets affordable, family audiences would visit theatres more often.”

Before he signs off, Daali Dhananjaya invited the Kannada audience to theatres to watch Tagaru Palya, which is releasing on the eve of Kannada Rajyotsava (1 November).