What is common between ‘hot’ Pushpa and ‘cool’ Amul? Both are from Gujarat and selling in Karnataka

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Published Apr 13, 2023 | 5:19 PMUpdated Apr 13, 2023 | 5:19 PM

What is common between ‘hot’ Pushpa and ‘cool’ Amul? Both are from Gujarat and selling in Karnataka

It is not just Amul. ‘Pusha’, too, has come all the way from Gujarat to Karnataka.

There was a buzz among farmers and internet users that several truckloads of chillies have arrived at the Byadagi market in the Haveri district.

It was also said that 20,000 quintals of the Gujarati chilli, known as Pushpa or Lali, were sold in the local market.

A social media post, accompanied by a photograph of Pushpa in Karnataka, went live.

Netizens took up the photograph and circulated it. Some even drew parallels with Amul entering Karnataka to “gobble up” namma Nandini.

They also raised apprehension that it would affect the chilli farmers in Karnataka.

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The Agricultural Produce and Livestock Market Committee (APMC) confirmed the arrival of Pushpa in Byagadi. The chillies were brought from Gujarat due to a fall in production in the state, which is no more  profitable for traders and farmers, APMC member and farmer Puttappa said.

“The local varieties are Dabbi and Kaddi, and Pushpa is not a competitor,” he added.

It has also been said that the amended APMC Act allows farmers and agriculture produce traders to sell or buy farm products anywhere in the country.

However, Pushpa’s entry amid Amul milk and curd’s aggressive foray into state trended for a while with the internet community offering diverse opinions. Will Pushpa further spice up the poll campaign?