How Chandrayaan-3 success and a throwback photo ended up in TDP getting trolled

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Published Aug 25, 2023 | 9:39 AMUpdated Aug 25, 2023 | 9:39 AM

How Chandrayaan-3 success and a throwback photo ended up in TDP getting trolled

The troll factories in Andhra Pradesh went on overdrive even as India erupted in celebration after the success of Chandrayaan-3 on Wednesday, 23 August.

It all began with the Opposition TDP congratulating the ISRO for its enviable feat and a television anchor making a political allusion.

The TDP posted on its official X handle a much-circulated photograph of ISRO ferrying the nose cone of a rocket on a bicycle carrier. “How it started on a cycle,” the party captioned the photograph.

The message did not go unnoticed. The bicycle is TDP’s poll symbol.

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The pro-YSRCP troll factories soon got down to work. Memes carrying the “first photographs” from the Moon soon flooded the social media, leaving netizens in stitches. The pictures were graphical illustrations of Amaravati, the capital city Naidu has been batting for.

Naidu’s Vision-2047, released recently, too, was not spared. Several netizens ‘claimed’ that his vision led to the successful soft-landing on the Moon.

The YSRCP has always targeted Naidu for taking credit for the development of the IT sector and the new city, Cyberabad. Naidu has never missed an opportunity to claim that he had put Hyderabad on the world IT map.

A Telugu news television channel anchor added fuel to trolls, saying with the success of Chandrayaan-3 the whole of Andhra Pradesh is looking forward to ‘Chandradoyam’ (Rise of Chandra, or the Moon).

The TDP made a feeble response to the trolls. The YSRCP is suffering from ‘Cyclophobia’, it said.

For the uninitiated, the nose cone on the bicycle belonged to SLV-3, a 22-metre-long, all-solid, four-stage launch vehicle weighing 17 tonnes.

Another picture is that of the ISRO ferrying the Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE) satellite on a bullock cart. It was launched on 19 June 1981 from the Centre Spatial Guyanais near Kourou in French Guiana.