The Drawing Room: A space where gourmet bar dining meets an elevated cocktail experience

ByFathima Ashraf

Published Sep 07, 2023 | 4:58 PMUpdatedSep 07, 2023 | 4:58 PM

Signature cocktails and delectable bites with a side of whimsy await you at the Drawing Room. Presented by Smoke House Deli, the newly launched space is a must-try if you want an intimate space where flavours and ambience go hand in hand.

The Drawing Room’s signature cocktails include the Tweedle Twins Mezcal (Creyente Mezcal, wooden barrel-fermented, 100% Espadin Agave Mezcal, Campari, Italian Aperitif, Martini Rosso, infused with Italian sweet Red Vermouth, Dehydrated Grapefruit), Lory’s Spiced Rum & Chai (Kraken, Caribbean Black Spiced Rum, Milk-clarified Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea, with a combination of Rose Petal, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Roasted Almond, Dehydrated Pineapple) and Through the Looking Glass Lemonade (Ballantine’s Finest Scotch, Homemade Grapefruit, Basil and Honey, Ginger and Lemon Soda).

The hearty small plates menu comprises dishes such as Corn Ribs AOP, Smoked Chicken Wings Corn Ribs, Avacado Inc., Smoked Chicken Wings with Gochujang and Mirin, Chicken Croquetas with Creamy Gribiche Sauce, Creamy Goan Choriz and Bacon Squares, among others.

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