Transcript of the first two audio tapes released by TRS

Purported conversation between TRS MLA Rohit Reddy, Hyderabad hotelier Nanda Kumar, and Swami Ramachandra Bharathi.

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Published Oct 28, 2022 | 8:13 PMUpdatedOct 28, 2022 | 8:13 PM

BJP bribe givers

Here are the transcripts of Part 1 and 2 of the audio tapes released by the TRS with purported conversations between TRS MLA Pilot Rohit Reddy and the three BJP emissaries allegedly sent to poach party MLAs.

The audio clips, released on the TRS party Twitter handle and aired on the party channel TNews, have the participants discussing the finer details of engineering the defection of MLAs from the TRS to the BJP.

South First cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the tapes, or even whether the voices are those of the three emissaries, all of whom were arrested from Rohit Reddy’s farmhouse on Wednesday, 26 October, night and charged under various sections of the IPC.

Part 1

Nandu: “Swamy Ji Baat Kariye”

Rohit: “Namaskar Swamy Ji, Kaise hai aap?”

Swamyji: “ Badhiya, Badhiya…aap Kaise hain?”

R:“Mai theek hu swamy ji”

S:“Ji ji”

S:“Baat kuch chal rha tha, nandu ji aur humare beech mai”


S:“ toh humko thora sa detail mile na, waha pe baat kar leta hu, already baat kiya hu, unlogo ne haan keh diya hai,”

R:“Haan Swamy ji”

S:“Toh ek baar naam share kar diya toh thora asaan hoga,”

R:“Swamy ji naam abhi filhal muskil hoga, abhi toh 2 log confirmation de diye, milenge jab tab discuss karenge na swamy ji,

S:“Haan Haan bilkul bilkul”

S:“Mai 24 tak thora sa bed rest chal rha hai, 24 tak mai nahi aa paunga,  24 ke baad mai Hyderabad ek din ke liye aa jau, Hyderabad nahi chahiye, Kahi dusri jagah mai rakh lijiye’

R:“Maane the problem is swamyji, now as uyou know this election is going on, there will be watch on us also, so Hyderabad would be the best place also, we all reside in hyderabad’

S:‘Okay then it is fine”

R:“Hyderabad will be the best place, Because Nandu…before this date you wanted thing na?”


R“So Santosh ji..So Nandu was telling me Santosh ji can come in the charter, we can have meeting for half an hour”

S:“I will share tomorrow in the morning, I will discuss with Santosh, if bulk is ready than Santosh will come to there”

R:“See, three are ready including me”

S:“What we can do is, after 24th I will come once to Hyderabad than we will sit and discuss, that would be the better way’


S: “final (voice not audible).. We can take the decision same day and we can move out’

R:‘Huun huun’

R: ‘We can do that, we can do that swamy ji…..but only issue..’

S: “There is no issue on this…whatever you have discussed with nandu ji, there is no issue on this,’

R: “Actually Nandu ji gave me the proposal, thats okay and he assured me of taking care of me of all the ways, in terms of my security, in terms of my political career, in terms of other things also’

S: “Absolutely, same issue , same matter again we will present to number 2 also, in front of you only, so there will not be any issues of it, because.. You see.. First come first serve always, but inspite of that, you highly educated towards the system, you know exactly the things, then it will be easy for us to promote you’

R: “See I am also interested, already you people know everything about my past and everything, so on the higher level I want to really work on it’

S: “Sure sure, .. will get support on it, it is not suitable to discuss over the phone through out the long, so what I think is, you better have directly with nandu, I made Nandu to sit with Santosh directly, so there is no confusion, hence while we are sitting together, openly he said to proceed with best of the things, take care, you give the proposal we will go ahead with this,’

R: “Okay, I will wait for you on 24th’

S: “Not 24th, till 24th I am having bed rest till evening, 25th I can make it’


S: “25th I will make it, between  27th and 28th we will..(settle–voice not audible)…that will better”

R: “I am not at all in hurry, but Nandu was only telling me, tomorrow, tomorrow…”

S: “Not  nandu, here Nandu is clear, before 3rd election, if we can move forward, that would result in something also, one of the way, second, we need good leaders in our organisation also, in our organisation we need good leaders, for that reason, we are looking into the high items. That is only reason I put more pressure on Nandu, sorry for that, see, past five days, Nandu has not slept single night also, working continuously,”


Part 2

S:“Actually he brought some other people, so I said  it is not good because we need exactly qualified people, than only we can put pressure, that is the reason he more followed you, but anyway..’

R: “On that day also when we met, you appreciated my work and everything, and I understand swamyji’

S: “Because it is the green signal from the higher level, no issue in this, so will sit and discuss that will be better, see, if we get one or two three together, that it is very easy for us also, that is the reason, I will sit on 26th that would be the better’

R: “26th okay’


Nandu:  “No swamy ji 25th Chandragrahan is there, amasvya graham is there, after 25th anyday swamy ji’

S: “26th is fine. On 26th we will sit together,

N: “Swamy ji you take a clarity, one again and we are also , we are bring more also, within four days, we have time, anyway diwali is there, we also gather some more’

S: “We have… I already conveyed the message, when you sit with me, immediately I conveyed the message to both the peoples’

N: “Oh, both the people, okay. We are expecting today, you know ’

S: “ actually they were expecting today only, because he was also waiting for that only in Delhi, Tushar went to Ahemdabad only right now, his charter flied around 4 pm today’

N: “With number 1 or number 2’

S: “With number 1, sorry number 2. He went together, they were in the same charter,’

R: “Swamyji, one more request, instead of trying for more people, the word if it goes out, we will be literally screwed here, you know about our CM, so he is very aggresive guy and he will screw our happiness, so instead of trying for more, first we three are ready now, so let us finish’

S: “Thats what I am asking, if I am getting the three name, that will be very easy to put forward’

R: “Swamy ji I am really sorry, I can’t reveal the name as of now, but once our meeting is done, they are vey close associate and we are also in other things also together’

S: “Can you share the three names in front of number 2’

R: “In front of number 2 I can”

S: “Okay no issue, I will make it’

R: “ So because Nandu  was telling me Santosh ji is the main person, and santosh ji’

S: “Exactly I will tell you, Santosh is the organising secretary who looks after all the things happening in the BJP. He is the key person where he takes all role to form the government and every moment is completely organised by BL Santosh. So for your kind information, number 1 and number 2 will come to Santosh house, and Santosh will not go there, that is the protocol of RSS. Which he follows, so for any decision, if we meet one or two also, decision have to be taken by Santosh only. So what we can do is, we can directly sit Santosh, and on the same day… along with Santosh we will go to number 2, that would be the better option”

R: “Once our meeting is done in Hyderabad, Nandu said Santosh ji will come to Hyderabad, we are not exposed anywhere, if we travel, we are under the scanner’

S: “For that reason, let me get in tomorrow, what I will do is, I will update the message to Santosh tomorrow, okay, I think by 11’o clock we have a small, …myslef Santosh and other persons, on that time I will discuss with Santosh, I will not reveal the name, don’t worry, I am directly dealing with the person, not in between….(voice not audible)..there is no confusion in this, I will discuss the matter with santosh tomorrow, then I will revert’

R: “Okay swamyji, but I will request you to please please keep it very confidential, or else our lives are gone”

S: “No no no, you don’t have to worry in this, if any thing little bit issues keep pound… We will immediately patch up and we will convert that matter, and we will give the complete protection from the center, don’t worry, it is our responsibility to take care of you, when you are in our scanner don’t have to worry:

R: “Okay Sawamy ji”

S: “ including ED to income tax, and for the security reasons also, that is in our scanner, don’t worry,

N: “because we have very good experience in Bengal. Sawamyji one more thing, sarath is close with Rohit sir’

S: “Aurbindo pharma?, that is very crucial case, that they have to sit and deal with them”

N: “When you come na swamy, will try and arrange a meeting’

R: “Nandu, false promises na oddu’

R: “Swamyji, I don’t want to get involved in that, he is good friend of mine, its true, but as of now, I don’t want to involve in that matter, swamyji,

S: “Okay we will think later, one by one step, first we will finish this very confidentially than lets go on,

R: “Okay thank you swamy ji”.