Telangana tops cyber-crime cases in the country, Bengaluru highest among metros: NCRB

Telangana saw a 105 percent increase in cyber crimes in 2021, according to ‘Crime in India’ data released by the NCRB.

BySumit Jha

Published Aug 31, 2022 | 9:27 AMUpdatedAug 31, 2022 | 9:27 AM

Cyber crime Telangana

In November 2021, Secunderabad resident Vijay Reddy connected with a Kalyani Sri on Facebook.

He started chatting with her, liked her, and proposed to her. She did not immediately agree, telling him she could think of marrying him only after some problems she had with her ancestral land were resolved.

Reddy offered to help in any way he could.

Kalyani Sri said she need to money to resolve her problem and register the land. She promised to transfer a part of the land in his name once the matter was sorted out.

Vijay Reddy deposited approximately ₹1 crore in Kalyani Sri’s account.

Soon after, Kalyani Sri stopped communicating with Reddy and blocked him on Faceboook. He finally went to the police.

The police found that the Kalyani Sri on Facebook was actually an IIIT-Nuzvid graduate from Andhra Pradesh called Yerragudla Dasu — and arrested him.

This was one of the 10,303 cyber crime cases reported in Telangana in 2021.

Most Telangana cases involved fraud

The state saw a whopping 105 percent increase in cyber crimes in 2021, the highest in the country, according to ‘Crime in India – 2021’ data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Over 10,300 cyber crime cases were reported in 2021, compared to 5,024 in 2020.

According to the NCRB, a vast majority of the cyber crime cases in Telangana — 8,690 — involved fraud.

Among these, most cases, 2,180, related to bank-related fraud, while online fraud accounted for 1,377 cases. There were also 703 cases specifically related to debit card-credit card fraud. There were also 34 cases related to fake news on social media.

“Job frauds, matrimonial frauds, insurance frauds and so on are the major cyber crimes we are witnessing. Cyber crimes are bound to increase with technological advancement. During the pandemic, fraudsters experimented with a different modus operandi,” a senior Telangana police official to South First.

“Also, we are registering more cases because people are turning up to report them. People can put forward their complaint on WhatsApp or can tag us on Twitter, that’s how we are registering more cases,” he added.

Karnataka is No. 3 nationally

Among states in South India, Karnataka reported cyber crime 8,136 cases, the third-highest in the country. Andhra Pradesh reported 1,875 cases, Tamil Nadu reported 1,076 cases, and Kerala just 626.

Bengaluru reported 6,423 cases, the highest among metropolitan cities in the country. Hyderabad reported 2,553 cases, while Chennai reported 186 cases, and Kochi 62 cases.

Of Bengaluru’s cyber crime cases, a huge majority were computer-related offences (6,247). In Hyderabad, most of the cases were related to fraud.

Meanwhile, India overall registered 52,974 cases under the cyber crimes head, showing an increase of 5.9 percent in registration over 2020 (50,035 cases).

During 2021, 60.8 percent of cyber-crime cases registered had fraud as motive (32,230 out of 52,974 cases) followed by sexual exploitation at 8.6 percent (4,555 cases) and extortion at 5.4 percent (2,883 cases).