Telangana government defers proposed release of new emblem on State Formation Day on 2 June

BRS has been claiming that the new Telangana logo appeared to cover up the 1,000 years of grandeur of the state.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published May 31, 2024 | 12:37 AMUpdatedMay 31, 2024 | 12:37 AM

Current Telangana Logo.

The Congress government in Telangana has deferred the release of the state’s new emblem on State Formation Day celebrations on 2 June.

Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy reportedly decided to postpone the launch to a later date.

He felt that more consultations were required and that the government had to go through several representations made in connection with the designs of the new logo.

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Designs to be discussed in Assembly

In an official release on Thursday, the chief minister said the government had received about 500 designs from artists from several parts of the states.

He said consultations and discussions were still going on and that no design had been finalised yet.

Similarly, he said, the design of Telangana Thalli had also not been finalised, with the government considering several of them.

“The designs of the emblem and Telangana Thalli will be discussed in the Assembly before a final decision is taken. The government intends to have a consensus on the designs,” he said.

“The new emblem and Telangana Thalli statue should enhance the image of Telangana state and serve as a source of inspiration for the posterity,” he added

Since the beginning, the chief minister wanted to release the new emblem along with the state anthem “Jaya Jayahe Telangana” — penned by Dalit poet Ande Sri — at the decennial celebrations of Telangana on 2 June this year.

It was given to understand that Congress leader Sonia Gandhi would unveil both at the celebrations.

Though there is no hitch for the unveiling on the appointed day, there is uncertainty because of the delay in the finalisation of the new emblem.

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More considerations

Meanwhile, BRS has been claiming that the new logo appeared to cover up the 1,000 years of grandeur of Telangana as it sought to do away with Hyderabad’s Charminar and Warangal’s Kakatiya Kala Thoranam — two of the state’s iconic structures.

For the last few days, the chief minister has been quite busy in his efforts to finalise the emblem.

He held talks with the painter Rudra Rajesham and several Congress leaders on incorporating the elements he had in mind.

Revanth Reddy has been saying that the current logo reminded the people of the relics of the imperial forces that ruled Telangana, causing much grief and privation to the people.

He wanted the new emblem to reflect the life of the people of Telangana and the struggle they waged while resisting imperialistic and feudal forces throughout its turbulent history.

He appears to be of the opinion that the emblem should be in tribute to those who laid down their lives for the emancipation of the people from the clutches of dictators.

The present logo has Kakatiya Kala Thoranam in the foreground and Charminar in the background.

It was designed by painter Lakshman Aelay. After coming to power in 2014, the then chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao adopted the logo.

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BRS’ protests

Taking serious exception to the removal of the iconic structures of Charminar and Kakatiya Kalathoranam, BRS and AIMIM organised protests at Charminar on Thursday, 30 May.

Leading the protestors, BRS working president KT Rama Rao castigated the incumbent government for allegedly disrespecting the great history of Telangana.

He demanded that the state government desist from removing the image of Charminar from the state’s logo.

Describing the move as foolish and stubborn, he said it would lower the self-respect and hurt the emotions of the people of Telangana.

He said that these efforts were a tactic to divert people’s attention from the ongoing agricultural and administrative crises and the government’s corruption in the state.

KTR labelled Revanth Reddy’s attempts to erase KCR and his initiatives from Telangana’s history as foolish, emphasising that no one could erase the history of Telangana.

He accused the newly formed Congress government of acting out of political malice and vengeance, ignoring the positive developments of the past 10 years.

KTR questioned the unusual haste in removing these symbols, leaving aside the electoral promises that should be the current government’s top priority.

“Hyderabad is the spirit of Telangana, and Charminar is the symbol of Hyderabad. Globally, Hyderabad is recognised by the symbol of Charminar,” said the BRS leader.

He also argued for the retention of its image in the emblem, warning that BRS would launch protests if the government continued with its proposal.

In a statement, former MP and BRS leader B Vinod Kumar said that the state government was having second thoughts about releasing the new logo after he said he would file a case in court.

He said the Central government’s approval was necessary for a state to adopt a new emblem.

He added that he had to visit several offices in Delhi for over one year to obtain approval for the present logo.