Telangana authorities suspend doctor for negligence after dead patient’s attendant tries to set him on fire

A doctor determined that a patient was dead on arrival. However, the patient's kin alleged that he died because of the doctor's negligence.

BySumit Jha

Published May 09, 2024 | 8:00 AMUpdatedMay 09, 2024 | 8:00 AM

Doctors in Telangana protests suspension of Korutla Area Hospital doctor Shravan Kumar.

A doctor has been suspended for alleged negligence and police have registered a case of attempted murder against a relative of a patient in an incident involving a death due to heat stroke in Telangana.

Najibur Rahman, a 44-year-old auto driver from Korutla town in the Jagtial district of Telangana, vomited due to sunstroke near a bus stand on Sunday, 5 May. Subsequently, he was transferred to the Area Hospital in Korutla.

Upon examination, a doctor determined that he was dead on arrival. However, the family members alleged that his death resulted from the negligence of the duty doctor.

The family members then reportedly attacked hospital staff, vandalised property, and even attempted to set hospital staff on fire.

Following the incident, Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parishad (TVVP) Commissioner Dr J Ajaya Kumar on Monday issued orders suspending Duty Doctor Dr V Shravan Kumar of the Area Hospital in Korutla, pending an inquiry into charges of medical negligence leading to the death.

Meanwhile, police have registered an FIR and initiated an inquiry based on the complaints they received.

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‘Attempt to murder’

In his police complaint, the doctor stated that an unconscious patient was brought to the hospital.

“Upon examination, it was found that the patient was dead on arrival as there was no pulse, no blood pressure, and dilated pupils,” Shravan Kumar told South First.

He added that while the process of declaring Najubiur dead by performing an ECG was underway, the patient’s attendants began assaulting the hospital staff.

“Approximately 50-60 people started assaulting me as well. In order to save ourselves, we ran and locked ourselves in the nurse’s room,” recounted Shravan Kumar.

He alleged that during this time, the patient’s attendants also started damaging hospital property, including windows, furniture, and glass.

“One person broke the window and poured petrol into the room where we had locked ourselves. He even lit a match in an attempt to burn us alive,” claimed the doctor.

He added that he ran outside to escape the fire, where he boarded an auto-rickshaw with the help of police personnel who were providing security.

“However, the mob continued to assault me while I was in the auto. I sustained injuries, including a bleeding injury to my nose,” he said.

Shravan Kumar also stated that upon returning to the hospital later, he discovered that Najibur’s attendants had damaged property worth over ₹2 lakh.

Police subsequently registered a case against one Fayaz and others under Sections 307 (attempt to murder), 448 (trespass), 353 (assault on a public servant), 427 (causing hurt), and 149 of the IPC, Section 3 of the Medical Services Act, and Section 3 of the PDPP Act.

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Doctors call for suspension revocation

The Telangana Unit of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) strongly condemned the suspension of Dr Shravan Kumar, who is also the civil assistant surgeon of Area Hospital in Korutla.

“IMA demands the revocation of the suspension and the immediate reinstatement of the doctor. We also demand action against the culprits who attacked the doctor and paramedical staff, and damaged the hospital,” it said.

“IMA stands in solidarity with the Government Doctors Association and works with them to revoke the suspension of Dr Shravan Kumar,” it added.

“It is inhumane and immoral to attack doctors and medical staff and destroy public property. The mob not only attacked the doctor but also attempted to kill him by throwing petrol,” said the Healthcare Reforms Doctors Association in a statement.

“While police attempted to rescue the doctor and the staff, the culprits were trying to hit and damage the auto-rickshaw,” it added.

The association further demanded that the TVVP withdraw Shrava Kumar’s suspension, and urged the Telangana government to take legal action against the culprits.

The Telangana Teaching Government Doctors Association (TTGDA) condemned the suspension of Dr Shravan Kumar, saying that it happened without an inquiry into the misconduct at the hospital.

“If the suspension is not revoked, we will engage with all medical associations and formulate an action plan,” said TTGDA general secretary Dr Kiran Madala.

“Suspending a doctor who risks his life to save patients and is assaulted is unacceptable. Such actions will discourage doctors from volunteering to work in remote areas,” he added.

(Edited by Arkadev Ghoshal)