Revanth Reddy’s native village Kondareddy Pally euphoric as ‘local boy’ becomes chief minister

Revanth Reddy was born and studied till fifth class in Kondareddy Pally before his family shifted to Hyderabad.

ByDeepika Pasham

Published Dec 07, 2023 | 1:48 PMUpdatedDec 07, 2023 | 1:49 PM

Several people from the village are attending the swearing-in ceremony in Hyderabad. (Deepika Pasham/South First_

The Congress flags flutter from a steady stream of vehicles speeding towards Hyderabad from Kondareddy Pally, bringing in hordes of people from A Revanth Reddy’s village to witness his swearing-in as the third chief minister of Telangana on Thursday, 7 December.

Legend has it that the village got its name since it had a Konda (hill) and Reddys dominated the population.

Newly-laid roads welcome visitors to Kondareddy Pally. Villagers credit Revanth Reddy for the roads.

Revanth Reddy was born and studied till Class 5 in the village. He visits the village twice a year as his family has agricultural lands. His house is a major landmark in Kondareddy Pally.

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Revanth Reddy house in Kondareddy Pally Deepika Pasham/ South First

Revanth Reddy’s house in Kondareddy Pally
(Deepika Pasham/South First)

Excited villagers were seen boarding an RTC bus, shouting “Jai Congress, Revanth Reddy Gari Nayakatham Vardilalai” (Revanth Reddy’s rule must flourish).

“We are celebrating the victory of the Congress. We burst crackers after it was known that our local leader Revanth Reddy will be the chief minister. He knows the problems we face,” a villager told South First as he hurried towards the bus.

Local leaders were hiring private four-wheelers to attend the oath-taking ceremony in Hyderabad. The villagers invited visitors to their homes to tell them how proud they were today.

B Lohith Reddy, 65, who has been living on the same lane as Revanth Reddy’s house, has witnessed the growth of the chief minister’s family. He was invited to the swearing-in ceremony, but won’t be attending due to a health issue.

“Revanth Reddy’s family left for Hyderabad years ago. There are seven brothers and one sister in the family. Revanth Reddy’s sister-in-law lives in this house. We are very proud of his achievement. We all addressed him as Revanth from his childhood days and it is always a celebration in the village when he visits. Anything from pensions, farmer loans, and development in the village will be done because he is our man now (mana manishi), Lohith Reddy told South First.

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‘Revanth Patel’

A family living next to Revanth Reddy’s house did not wish to be videographed.

“This village is inhabited mostly by Reddys and we call them Patel. He is Revanth Patel for us. This house was not the same for five years. It was a slab one for the large family and they expanded the area to build a luxurious house. Revanth Reddy’s father was in the police department and we called him Police Patel those days. The family occupation was farming and a little bit of real estate,” he said.

The Anumula Reddy family visiting the temple since years Deepika Pasham/ South First

The Anumula Reddy family visit the temple regularly. (Deepika Pasham/South First)

“Revanth Reddy visits the village during Dasara and Sriram Navami. Revanth Patel carries jammi leaves  (leaves of sponge tree) and takes blessings from the elderly people during Dasara. He also plays with the youth with talwar (sword) since it is a tradition here,” he added.

The villagers said that the local community has been raising funds to develop the village.

“We want a dairy unit that will play a role in raising the price of milk. We supply milk to around 10 villages under the Vagnoor Mandal and also Hyderabad,” Bhaskar Reddy, who works with Vijaya Dairy, said.

“Our Revanth should develop the village. We need pensions, model government schools, and farm loans. The promised guarantee of women receiving monthly assistance should start from his village,” M Lakshmi another villager gushed.