Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls Congress ‘anti-Hindu’, says it does not care about country

Modi claimed that Rahul Gandhi declared the construction of the Ram temple and that celebrating Ram Navami was against the idea of India.


Published May 10, 2024 | 7:24 PMUpdatedMay 10, 2024 | 7:24 PM

Modi speaking in Hyderabad.

Launching an attack on the Congress with respect to reservations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, 10 May, claimed that the national party is “anti-Hindu” and it knows religion-based reservations are unconstitutional.

Addressing an election rally in Mahabubnagar Lok Sabha constituency, he said the ‘shehzade‘ of Congress (Rahul Gandhi) started off with ‘mohabbat ki dukaan‘ before polls which lost steam as elections approached.

The ‘shehzade‘ (prince) is now poisoning society by speaking of supporting “tukde-tukde gang”, he claimed.

In a veiled reference to Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s recent remarks, he said the ‘shehzade‘s advisor’ who lives in America described South Indian people as looking like Africans, which the prime minister claimed implied that Telangana people look like Africans.

“You know why, because he doesn’t like your skin colour. Now Congress will decide based on skin colour who is African and who is Indian,” he said.

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‘Congress hates Hindus’

Alleging that the Congress’ “hatred” towards Hindus and their culture was being exposed daily, Modi said the leader who tutors ‘shehzada‘ also said the Ram temple should not have been built at Ayodhya.

“He has declared that construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya” and celebrating Ram Navami is against the idea of India, Modi claimed.

“I go to temple with great pride. He has given a certificate that even this is anti-national. Do you perform puja on Ram Navami or not? Do you want to go to Ayodhya for darshan? Are you going to commit anti-national activity (with worship)?” he asked.

“Congress wants to make Hindus second-class citizens in their own country. Are they talking about vote jihad because of this?” he questioned.

Attacking the Congress government in Telangana, Modi said he referred to the double R (RR) tax in the state, without taking any names, but Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is giving explanations to the media indicating who is associated with it.

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