People of Munugode chose self-respect over BJP inducements, says KTR after win

In its arrogance and thirst for power, the BJP thrust an election that no one wanted on the people of Munugode, says KTR

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Nov 06, 2022 | 7:59 PMUpdatedNov 06, 2022 | 7:59 PM

TRS workers gather after Munugode win

Describing Munugode verdict as a slap on the faces of BJP’s Delhi bosses, TRS Working President KT Rama Rao on Sunday, 6 November, said that the people have given the saffron party the kind of treatment it deserved.

Speaking to media persons at Telangana Bhavan after the TRS won the keenly-contested by-election for Munugode, he said: “The people have preferred development and self-respect to the inducements that the BJP offered.”

“Munugodu is the third by-election that the TRS has won after the 2018 elections. Now all the 12 Assembly segments in Nalgonda district are represented by the TRS legislators.”

The TRS working president said that Munugode verdict has proved that there are no murders in politics but only suicides.

“No one wanted the by-election. The BJP, overcome by arrogance and greed for power, thrust it on the people of Munugode by making Congress MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy resign and contest on a BJP ticket. Finally, it has burned its fingers,” he said.

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‘BJP shown its place’

TRS celebrations after Munugode

TRS celebrations after Munugode. (Ajay Tomar/South First)

The people had shown the BJP the place it deserved for trying to influence them with loads of money. The blow was so powerful that it was numbing. The BJP was caught unawares, he said.

The entire by-election was handled by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah from Delhi, KTR contended.

“They were the puppetteers and the Rajagopal Reddy was the puppet. The grand design of the duo was to pull down the state government. They had hoped that if they win Munugode, it would set off a chain reaction that would lead to the fall of the state government,” he said.

Referring to how unbridled the BJP was in pumping money into the constituency, KTR said that even before the by-election was notified, a BJP leader from Karimnagar was caught transporting ₹1 crore in his vehicle in the constituency.

‘BJP’s money power’

As the BJP wanted to win the byelection by hook or crook, it tried to “monetise” the entire election process, KTR said.

He recalled the police seizing ₹90 lakh cash from BJP legislator Eatala Rajender’s PA Srinivas.

He alleged that one Dr Vivek had transferred ₹2.5 crore to the BJP here through the hawala route, and when the TRS lodged a complaint that Rajagopal Reddy’s Sushee Infra had transferred ₹5.24 crore to several accounts in Munugdoe, the BJP leaders brought pressure on the ECI to say that the allegation had no evidence.

KTR took strong exception to the Centre deploying 15 companies of CRPF and 40 I-T teams as though the TRS leaders were resorting to election malpractices. They swooped down on Munugode like in a war.

The TRS leader said that the BJP is not in the habit of accepting defeat with dignity.

Referring to Rajagopal Reddy and Eatala Rajender accusing the TRS of spending crores of rupees, he wondered whether it was the BJP or the TRS which had made the by-election the most expensive one in the history of the nation.