Once friends, they are foes in Warangal SC Lok Sabha constituency now

The BJP and Congress have fielded BRS leaders - former MLA Aroori Ramesh and Kadiyam Kavya respectively for the Warangal SC Lok Sabha seat.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Apr 18, 2024 | 9:00 AM Updated Apr 18, 2024 | 9:00 AM

Kadiyam Kavya, Aroori Ramesh (X)

Till the other day, they were all colleagues and friends. They used to greet each other and exchange pleasantries at party meetings.

Overnight, they have turned into enemies. They are pulling out all stops in heaping abuses on one another. They are in the electoral battlefield with knives drawn.

They are the candidates in the fray for the Warangal SC Lok Sabha seat. The BJP and Congress have fielded BRS leaders – former MLA Aroori Ramesh and Kadiyam Kavya respectively for the seat, while the BRS nominee is Hanmankonda ZP Chairman M Sudheer Kumar.

Don’t worry too much about how their conscience would allow them to heap abuses on one another as they were friends not very long ago.

They belong to the unique breed of politicians. They do not mind loving one another when under the same roof and hate one another with equal intensity when in enemy camps. Now they are busy digging up the past of the others to two wash the dirty linen in the public.

The BRS is the fiercest in attacking the BJP and the Congress candidates. It is because it is their candidates that the other two parties had spirited away and positioned as their rivals in the election.

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BRS leaders against Srihari and Kavya

At the BRS’ Warangal Lok Sabha constituency-level meeting on Tuesday, 16 April, party nominee Sudheer Kumar came down on heavily on Srihari and his daughter Kavya.

He said that Srihari’s betrayal of the BRS would remain forever etched in the annals of history. When the party is going through a rough patch, one should stick with it, not abandon it, he pointed out.

Another leader of the BRS who is gunning for Srihari and his daughter Kavya is former deputy chief minister Dr T Rajaiah.

He has been gnashing his teeth and is raring to settle scores with the father-daughter duo. He bears a grudge against Srihari because the latter had pipped him in getting BRS ticket for Station Ghanpur for Assembly seat.

The other BRS leaders, who attended the Warangal constituency meeting, held Srihari and his daughter squarely responsible for the exit of sitting MP Pasunuru Dayakar and former Wardhannapet MLA Aroori Ramesh.

They accused Srihari of disrupting their chances of obtaining the BRS ticket. Both of them left the party after KCR preferred Kavya.

However, Kavya along with her father left the BRS. Srihari, who is a BRS MLA from Station Ghanpur, joined the Congress. He is yet to resign from the pink party.

Kadiyam Srihari hit back at the BRS leaders. He accused BRS MLA Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, who is campaigning for BRS nominee in Warangal Lok Sabha constituency, as one who had taken kick-backs in the execution of lift irrigation schemes.

He hit out at Rajaiah for insisting on a cut in the Dalit Bandhu amount from the beneficiaries.

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BJP, BRS to raise madiga pitch

The BRS is yet to begin targeting Aroori Ramesh as he is now representing the BJP but it too would soon follow. The saffron party is also getting ready for a pollical joust with the BRS and the Congress.

As far as the three candidates are concerned, they are set to grapple with one another, raising the temperature in the constituency.

The BJP and the BRS are planning to raise the madiga pitch to get ahead of Kavya.

Their candidates Ramesh and Sudheer belong to this-sub caste of SCs, while Kavya belongs to non-madiga caste of byndla, which has very little population in the constituency and in the state.

At the state level, the madigas are up in arms against the Congress for not fielding madiga candidates, which is expected to have a trickle down effect on Madigas in Warangal Lok Sabha constituency as well.

They are sore with the Congress for not fielding madiga even for one of the three seats reserved for them.

Rubbing salt into the injury, the Congress had nominated a mala candidate again for the by-election for the Secunderabad Cantonment Assembly.

The seat fell vacant following the death of the incumbent BRS legislator Lasya Nandita in a car accident near Hyderabad in February. This also might become part of the election campaign in Warangal against the Congress.

The Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS), which has been campaigning for the BJP, is focusing on the Congress, attacking it for the injustice done to Madigas.

Realising that the madigas are feeling let down, KCR while nominating candidate for Warangal seat, picked up Sudheer Kumar, who is madiga.

As the heat of the campaign increases, mutual recrimination is expected to descend to despicable depths, regardless of the fact they were colleagues till very recently.

(Edited by Shauqueen Mizaj)