KTR hits back at PM Modi over his KCR is corrupt comment, calls NDA a sinking ship

He says KCR does not need Modi's permission to make him the chief minister, says BJP has done nothing for Telangana.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Oct 03, 2023 | 9:34 PMUpdatedOct 03, 2023 | 9:34 PM

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Taking strong exception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “revelation” that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao had approached him with a request to let him join the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) after the GHMC elections in 2020, BRS working president KT Ram Rao gave a stinging reply that at no time was the BRS so desperate as to make such an entreaty.

Speaking to media persons, KTR shot back: “There was no need for us to go to him and seek to join the NDA which itself is a sinking ship. Who will join NDA when everyone aboard is leaving it? TDP has left you. So did Shiromani Akali Dal, JD(U), and Shiv Sena. Who is left in the NDA now? CBI, ED, and IT,” he said, adding: “KCR is a fighter. He will not join hands with a cheater.”

The BRS leader wondered why the BRS should join the NDA. “Do you think a rabid dog has bitten us?” he asked, and said that Telangana state had not received anything from the Union government.

“What you gave us is a big zero. And you will receive a big zero from us,” he said.

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‘No need for PM’s permission to become CM’

Taking a swipe at Modi, KTR said there was no need for KCR to approach the prime minister for his blessings for him to become the chief minister.

“I do not need the prime minister’s permission to become the chief minister of the state,” he said. Even though Modi is 70, he does not hesitate to lie, lowering the dignity of the high office he is holding. Modi does not have the courage to face the media,” he said.

He termed the announcement of the National Turmeric Board for Nizamabad “a big joke”.

Modi made the announcement nine years after making a promise to this effect. KTR said he did not understand how the BJP is seeking votes from the people in the state after doing nothing for them.

He reminded Narendra Modi that in the 2018 elections, the BJP had lost security deposits in 105 Assembly segments. This time, it is going to lose security deposits in 110 of the 119 seats in the Telangana Assembly, he contended.

The BRS leader dared Modi to to explain what he had done for Telangana in the last nine years.

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‘What have you done for Telangana?’

“I am posing this question to Modi, (Union Home Minister) Amit Shah, (BJP president) JP Nadda, and all other BJP leaders. You have done nothing for the state. You will not win even one Lok Sabha seat from Telangana this time. We are prepared to fight till the very last. We will not leave you,” he said.

The IT minister said that the BJP is the “Biggest Jhumla Party” out to cheat and mislead the people.

Modi should get an Oscar for acting, he said, adding: If he writes a script for a movie, it would be a runaway success. The TDP and Shiromani Akali Dal of Punjab know what friendship with the BJP is like.

It is unfortunate that the Union government is letting loose agents of the CBI and ED against the leaders of the parties who parted ways with the NDA, he said, adding that those who join the BJP are spared of any raids by the investigation agencies.

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Delimitation question

The minister also said that there was a need for a wide-ranging debate on the delimitation of the constituencies that is expected to take place in 2026.

In states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, there has been a sharp increase in population whereas the Southern states are better at controlling the growth. We are ready to fight injustice by joining hands with states that share our views, he said.

KTR described Narendra Modi as an outright liar and said lying is second nature to him. He would speak lies that even kids would find it hard to believe. He would say that BRS has sent money to Congress to fight elections in Karnataka and, in another context, he would say that he did not allow KCR to join the NDA, the BRS working president said.

The BRS leader said that it was funny how Congress top leader Rahul Gandhi comes to Hyderabad says that BRS is the B-team of BJP and then Modi comes and says that BRS has sent money to the Congress.

“If we are sending money to Congress what is your I-T (income tax) team doing? You are mistaken if you think you could intimidate us by making such allegations,” he said.