Hyderabad senior women’s cricket coach suspended amid allegations of misconduct

A committee has been established to conduct an inquiry, and if the allegations are substantiated, HCA plans to involve law enforcement.

ByDeepika Pasham

Published Feb 16, 2024 | 4:50 PMUpdatedFeb 16, 2024 | 4:50 PM

Hyderabad senior women's coach suspended

Vidyuth Jaisimha, the head coach of the Hyderabad senior women’s cricket team was suspended on Friday, 16 February, following an anonymous email received by the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) detailing alleged misconduct.

The email contained videos purportedly showing the coach carrying and consuming alcohol in the team bus while travelling with the team.

These videos were disseminated in various WhatsApp groups and broadcast on TV news channels. Citing the seriousness of the matter, HCA president Jagan Mohan Rao initiated a comprehensive investigation and stated that a decision would be made based on the investigation’s outcome.

Meanwhile, during the ongoing investigation, the coach was instructed to abstain from participating in any cricketing activities on behalf of HCA.

In a letter dated 16 February, Rao informed the head coach about receiving an anonymous email on Thursday, 15 February.

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The allegations

Speaking with South First, Jagan Mohan Rao disclosed that on 15 February, he received an unidentified email from an individual claiming to be a well-wisher.

The email alleged that Vidyuth Jaisimha engaged in inappropriate behaviour on the team bus during their travels for a match the previous month.

Despite being unable to trace the source of the email, considering the gravity of the allegations circulating on social media, a suspension order was issued against the coach.

A committee has been established to conduct an inquiry, and if the allegations are substantiated, HCA plans to involve law enforcement by filing a formal complaint with the police.

A previous letter

12 January letter

Letter dated 12 January addressed to the HCA president. (Supplied)

Meanwhile, a letter dated 12 January is circulating widely on social media. In the letter, parents and relatives of the female cricketers from Hyderabad express their concerns to the HCA president.

They allege that the head coach of the women’s team is consistently intoxicated and behaving inappropriately towards the players.

The letter asserts that his excessive drinking and objectionable conduct pose a risk to the safety of the girls and tarnish the reputation of the Hyderabad Cricket Association.

The letter further states that the coach openly carries and consumes whisky without any restraint.

When confronted, he reportedly invokes his connections with retired bureaucrats Durga Prasad, Nageswara Rao, and an IPS officer who is also a Ranji cricketer.

Additionally, his elder brother, Vivek Jaisimha, who holds the position of senior coach in the Hyderabad Cricket Association of Excellence.

The letter also claims that the coach uses these connections to intimidate anyone attempting to intervene, asserting that he is untouchable within the Cricket Association.

The concerned parents have brought these issues to the attention of CEO Sunil Kante. However, they claim that the CEO is unable to take action as the president and secretary are allegedly close friends with the coach.

The lack of action disheartens the parents and insist that the HCA should address the matter appropriately for the well-being of women’s cricket.

The letter also references past incidents involving individuals named Poornima Rao and Vidhya Jaisimma, accusing them of influencing young girls to consume alcohol and pressuring them into engaging in inappropriate activities.

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Parents’ demands

The parents of the cricketers express their hope that such incidents are a thing of the past, but now they are grappling with a new challenge in the form of the coach’s alleged misconduct.

In conclusion, the concerned parents urge the HCA to immediately stop the coach from travelling with the senior women’s team, citing the fear instilled in their daughters.

They emphasise the need for the association to address the coach’s drinking and behavioural issues, pointing out that numerous incidents have been reported without any apparent response from the Hyderabad Cricket Association.

When South First enquired about the letter dated 12 January, the HCA president denied any knowledge about it.