Fire breaks out on terrace of Ankura Hospital in Attapur, Hyderabad; no casualties reported

The hospital management said that a short circuit in the outdoor lights on the terrace resulted in the fire, which was brought under control quickly.

ByDeepika Pasham

Published Dec 23, 2023 | 9:29 PMUpdatedDec 23, 2023 | 9:29 PM

Ankura Hospital fire: The fire was limited to the outside of the hospital building and there were no causalities. (X)

On the evening of Saturday, 23 December, a fire broke out on the terrace of Ankura Hospital located near Pillar 68 of the PVNR Expressway, casting an eerie glow over Jyothi Nagar in Attapur.

As ember and sparks rained down, the hospital management sprang into action, promptly summoning the Greater Hyderabad Disaster Management team.

Ankura Hospital fire

A squad of 12 firefighters arrived at the scene and successfully extinguished the fire. As of now, there have been no reported casualties, and the hospital management remains committed to ensuring the safety of patients and staff amidst lingering smoke on the premises.

Attributing the incident to a short circuit in the outdoor lights, the hospital management stated, “This is concerning the fire incident reported at Ankura Hospital, Attapur branch. This is to inform you that the terrace outdoor lights caught on fire due to a short-circuit. The fire department was immediately informed and the fire was brought under control immediately. There have been no casualties,” said a statement from the hospital.

In a video, Medical Director of Ankura Hospital, Attapur, Dr Sunil Kumar Chinthalapally, said, “The hospital building has 12 floors. Of this, we occupy the ground plus three floors. There is no connection between the hospital and the remaining floors. The fire emergency occurred on the 12th floor — the rooftop — because of a short circuit in the ceiling light in the ACP cladding. As a result, the hoarding and ACP cladding there caught on fire.”

He added, “Within 25 minutes from when we were notified about the fire, we moved all the patients on the three floors safely to another branch. Nothing happened to any of our patients. We also safely evacuated all our staff. Our fire emergency systems are working really well and we have notified the fire department as soon as possible.

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Fire services sprang into action

Over 12 fire personnel successfully extinguished the fire, and the situation is now under control. Lingering smoke persists as flex banners were burnt in the fire.

The fire, originating on the roof of a 3C+G+9 floors building in Attapur, involved a hoarding catching fire following a short circuit in the outdoor lights.

Fortunately, the fire was confined externally and did not spread inside. Three fire engines swiftly responded to the scene and the fire was completely extinguished. Most of the upper floors are vacant, the hospital operates the ground and three floors.

Thorough inspections by the fire department confirmed no injuries or loss of life within the building. Remaining vehicles en route were being redirected, as confirmed in a media statement by N Prakash Reddy, Director of Enforcement, Vigilance & Disaster Management at the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Due to heavy traffic flow, the traffic police issued an advisory indicating slow vehicle movement from PVNR flyover, SD Eye Hospital, NMDC, Chacha Nehru Park towards Masab Tank. Asif Nagar traffic police are actively regulating traffic and commuters are urged to consider alternative routes.

Vijayalaxmi Gadwal, Mayor of GHMC, in a post on X said, “Hats off to our disaster management team for their swift and efficient response to the Ankura hospital fire accident. Your quick actions were pivotal in reducing the impact and keeping our community safe. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication.”

In the meanwhile, Telangana Health Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha Cilarapu has ordered an inquiry into the fire accident at Ankura Hospital. He ordered the Secretary of the Health Department and the Director of Health to investigate the accident.