‘How can he send his men to pull down our government?’ KCR launches fresh attack on BJP in Cash for MLAs case

KCR elicited a huge response from the people when he asked the people whether they want him to go to Delhi and wage a war against the BJP.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Dec 04, 2022 | 7:52 PMUpdatedDec 05, 2022 | 7:52 AM

Telangana Chief Minister and TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao at an inauguration in the Mahabubnagar district of the state on Sunday, 4 December, 2022. (Supplied)

Aiming a powerful punch at the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Sunday, 4 December, said the time had come for the people to rise and strike like a tiger at the BJP to protect democracy, which he said was in peril.

Addressing a huge public meeting in Mahabubnagar after inaugurating the new integrated collectorate complex and also the TRS Bhavan, the chief minister said: “The crusade against the BJP government at the Centre should begin from Telangana.”

He alleged: “The BJP is fomenting unrest, driving a wedge among the people, and organising attacks on political rivals. On top of all these, it has been systematically decimating the democratic institutions.”

Reiterating that he would play an active role at the national level, The TRS chief also said he has made it clear that he was on course to spread the wings of the party in the form of the BRS across the nation.

He elicited a huge response from the people when he asked the people whether they want him to go to Delhi and wage a war against the BJP.

“You give me strength here, and I will fight with the saffron party at Delhi on your behalf,” the chief minister said.

KCR takes on PM Modi

Interestingly, KCR was silent on the recent raids by the Income Tax (I-T) Department on the educational institutions owned by his minister Ch Malla Reddy, the ED raids on another minister, Gangula Kamalakar, and the notice sent by the CBI to his daughter K Kavitha to provide information as a witness on the Delhi liquor scam case.

He, however, recalled how the TRS government had “thrown” three of the accused in the Cash for MLAs case in jail when they tried to split the TRS and overthrow his government.

“We have won the election just as Narendra Modi did. How can he send his men to pull down our government?” he asked.

Referring to the prime minister’s statement that about 50 Trinamool Congress MLAs in West Bengal were in touch with him, he asked: “Can a prime minister talk like that?”

KCR also said it was unfortunate that under successive governments of the Congress and the BJP, India had suffered and its growth remained stunted.

“In neighbouring Karnataka and at the national capital, the situation is much worse. It is a sad commentary that Delhi does not have enough drinking water for its residents and farmers in Karnataka are envious of the welfare schemes in implementation in Telangana. People in Raichur and several other parts in Karnataka want a merger in Telangana,” he said.

Telangana CM reiterates old charges 

KCR said that the Central government did not have a vision or any foolproof plan to develop the nation or help the state in supplementing its growth.

He added that instead, the Modi-led government was trying to put spokes in Telangana’s efforts to improve year after year.

“Instead of helping us, the Centre had been trying to cripple the state financially by imposing curbs. It has lowered the FRMB limit, denied its right to go in for more borrowings for the creation of assets,” said the chief minister.

KCR also said that had the Centre worked with perspicacity in ensuring the development of all sectors, the state’s GSDP would have reached ₹14.5 lakh crore by now.

“Telangana’s GSDP, which was ₹5 lakh crore at the time of the formation of the state, has grown ₹11.5 lakh crore. The growth that the state achieved was on account of its own efforts and despite the unhelpful attitude of the Centre,” he said.

New development projects

Referring to the inordinate delay in deciding Telangana’s share in the waters of the Krishna river, KCR took the Centre to task, asking whether eight years’ time was not enough for it.

“If you take eight years to make a decision, when would we plan our projects and when would we provide irrigation to the unserved areas?” he asked.

He, however, pointed out that water from the Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme (PRLIS) would soon be available for Mahabubnagar farmers.

“Only the work related to canals’ construction remains. The delay is because some people in your district are creating problems,” he told the crowd.

He also pointed out that by next year, two more medical colleges would come up — one each in Gadwal and Narayanpet.

“There are already three colleges in the undivided district of Mahabubnagar. There was a time when no one could even think of a medical college being set up in the district. Now we will have five colleges,” he said, pointing out that this became possible because of the creation of the Telangana state.

KCR also announced a stadium for Mahabubnagar and an increase of the Legislative Assembly Constituency development fund from ₹5 crore to ₹20 crore for each of the 14 Assembly segments.

“This is my way of saying thank you to the people of Mahabubnagar who elected me to the Lok Sabha during the turbulent days of the Telangana movement” and also because the formation of the state also took place while he was representing Mahabubnagar in Lok Sabha, he said.

“There might be backlash from other districts, but even then I want to increase the allocation to the Assembly segments in your district,” he said.