BRS hits back at Governor’s address, says it looked like she was reading from Congress manifesto

BRS MLA Kadiam Srihari and former minister S Niranjan Reddy told reporters on Friday that there was nothing new in the Governor's address.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Dec 15, 2023 | 8:13 PMUpdatedDec 15, 2023 | 8:17 PM

Telangana Assembly

The BRS has hit back at the Congress for the Governor’s address at the joint session of the Telangana legislature.

The regional party said the address appeared more like being read out from the Congress’ election-eve manifesto.

BRS MLA Kadiam Srihari and former minister S Niranjan Reddy told reporters on Friday, 15 December, that there was nothing new in the Governor’s address.

They added that it was silent on the roadmap — if any — that the government had for taking the state forward.

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‘Address overlooked achievements’

The BRS leaders said the address overlooked the development that the state had witnessed during the last 10 years.

They added that, on the other hand, there was an attempt in the Governor’s address to paint a picture that the state was on a course of retrogression.

“The address glossed over the NITI Aayog’s reports and the Central government’s awards to the state government for remarkable progress on several fronts. The governor also overlooked Telangana becoming a granary for the entire country and being at the top in Information Technology (IT) exports,” said Srihari.

The former deputy chief minister also said that it did not behove the stature and station of Tamilisai Soundararajan to speak lies in the Assembly.

“It was unfair to say that the people of Telangana liberated themselves from 10 years of repression,” Srihari said.

In fact, he said, Telangana broke free from repression in 2014 by forcing the Central government to accord it statehood.

“We do not understand how Telangana became free from repression now when there was none,” he said.

He also blamed the new government for remaining silent on Dalit Bandhu and bonuses promised to farmers at the time of procurement of paddy.

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‘Do not damage situation’

Meanwhile, Niranjan Reddy said it was unfair for the government to say that the state had been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy by showing ₹81,0000 crore debt on the books of power utilities.

He said the BRS government had spent ₹42,000 crore to provide free power supply to the farm sector and ₹26,000 crore for setting up the Yadadri Power Station, and made investments to increase the number of 400, 220, 132 and 33/11 kV substations.

“At the time of the formation of the Telangana state in 2014, the installed capacity was 7,779 MW. It rose to 18,567 MW by May this year,” he said.

The former minister said that Telangana had taken loans in accordance with the RBI regulations. It would be better for the Congress government if it came out with an action plan as to how it was going to implement its promises.

“We don’t mind if you cannot improve the situation. At least do not damage it,” he said.