‘Ayeshas introducing Hindu women to Aftabs’: Raja Singh spews hate again, this time in ‘Edula Puram’

The Adilabad police said they had not registered a case so far and would be going through the video of Raja Singh's speech.

ByAjay Tomar

Published Jun 06, 2023 | 8:55 PM Updated Jun 06, 2023 | 8:57 PM

‘Don’t befriend burqa-clad women’ Hyderabad MLA Raja Singh’s provocative speech

In what appeared to be a blatant violation of his bail conditions, suspended BJP MLA from Goshamahal T Raja Singh in Hyderabad once again delivered a provocative speech.

This time he was addressing a gathering on Sunday, 4 June, in the Utnoor mandal of Telangana’s Adilabad district.

In a reference to the Muslim community, Singh urged Hindu women to not befriend any burqa-clad woman.

In a video now viral on social media, Singh could be heard saying, “Whoever has a tilak on his forehead is my brother and a Hindu, and I will befriend only that person. And our women sisters (Hindu), please do not become friends with any burqa-clad women.”

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‘Now Ayeshas have also become a threat’

At the gathering, Singh could also be heard endorsing violence against a different community.

He said, “I want to tell the youngsters and sisters (Hindu) that if any love-jihadi comes here (Adilabad), that rascal should be beaten after being hanged upside down.”

Referring to the recent controversial Hindi movie The Kerala Story, Singh went on to say, “There was a time when we were under threat from Aftab, but now we have a threat from Ayesha as well. These Ayeshas are the ones who are introducing our Hindu women to Aftabs, we need to beware of them.”

The 138-minute-long movie unfurls an Islamophobic narrative that demonises Muslims and turns a deaf ear to the numerous stories of religious harmony existing in the state.

“We have not filed any case so far as no complaint has been filed. We will go through the videos and then decide on the next course of action,” Adilabad SP D Udaykumar Reddy told South First.

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‘Edula Puram’, not Adilabad

In another display of promoting violence, Singh called an RSS worker on the stage and asked him to give weapons training to women. “Start judo-karate classes to beat love-jihadis,” he said.

Singh alleged, “The police (Telangana police) is a police force of Razakars (paramilitary forces during the Nizam, absorbed into the Indian army after Independence). They do not support Hindus. If anyone talks about Hindutva, then police think of how to register a case against that person. Even right now one of the two cameras installed here is set up by police.”

Singh, who reportedly has over 100 FIRs registered against him, also said, “I have 150 FIRs registered against me. If 151st would be in Hathnoor, I would not mind it. When we can shut the traitors of the Old City, then who are these people [trying to stop us]?”

While thanking his supporters on social media who joined the Adilabad rally, Singh called the place “Edula Puram.”

“The arts of Kashi would have been Mathura Masjid,” said Singh, urging the crowd to set aside everything and work for Hindutva.

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Continued hate speech

Raja Singh was suspended from the BJP in August last year after his alleged derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed ahead of stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui’s show, which led to a serious law and order breach in Hyderabad.

Singh was arrested on 25 August and remained in prison for at least 75 days.

Earlier we had threat from Aftab only, but now we have a threat from Ayesha too Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh provocative speech in Edula Puram

Raja Singh at the Adilabad rally on 4 June. (Twitter)

The Telangana High Court, however, granted him conditional bail on 9 November, and warned him against making provocative speeches against any religion.

The bench of Justice Abhishek Reddy and Justice J Sridevi also prohibited him from holding rallies or speaking to the media.

However, in an apparent violation of these orders, Singh made several provocative speeches in January and February this year, appearing in multiple rallies in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

He made several calls to boycott Muslims, and raised “issues” like “love and land jihad”, religious conversion, and “population control”.

The Hyderabad police eventually issued him back-to-back show-cause notices.

However, this did not dissuade Singh, who, on 30 March, gave a call for Akhand Hindu Rashtra (a unified India), which as per right-wing groups includes modern-day Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet.

The Hyderabad City Police then booked Singh in three cases back to back, including in connection with the display of the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse and giving a call of Akhand Bharat during the Ram Navami procession.

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