People have lost faith in NEET, and we don’t need it: TVK leader Vijay

Vijay also called for the education and sanitation departments to be moved back to the State list from the Concurrent list.

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Published Jul 03, 2024 | 1:58 PM Updated Jul 03, 2024 | 1:58 PM

Actor politician Vijay

Following the resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly urging the Union government to abolish the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), Tamizhaga Vettri Kazhagam (TVK) leader and popular Tamil actor, Vijay, too criticised the test.

He also called for the education and sanitation departments to be moved back to the State list from the Concurrent list.

Vijay made these remarks on Wednesday, 3 July at TVK’s special meet-and-greet to honour top students from the recent 10th and 12th-grade exams.

He encouraged students to view education as a joyful experience, advising them not to stress. “The world offers abundant opportunities for everyone.”

The event took place at the Ramachandra Convention Center in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

On 28 June, amid widespread irregularities in NEET and highlighting Tamil Nadu’s persistent opposition to the exam, the State Legislative Assembly passed a resolution, asking the Union government to swiftly approve Tamil Nadu’s NEET exemption bill.

The resolution also called for necessary amendments to the National Medical Commission Act to abolish NEET nationally.

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‘NEET effects marginalised students’

Vijay highlighted how NEET affects students from impoverished, economically backward, and oppressed classes, noting three specific issues in its implementation.

“First, it undermines state government rights. Education was under the State list before 1975, but the Union government moved it to the Concurrent list, which I believe started the problem.”

Vijay argued that the ‘One Nation, One Lesson Plan, One Examination’ policy contradicts the primary goal of education, stating that lesson plans should be tailored to each state.

He, further, noted that the cancellation of the “poorly planned” NEET examinations has led to widespread distrust among the public.

“We can conclude that NEET examinations are no longer necessary,” said Vijay, who called for the abolition of NEET, welcoming the Tamil Nadu Assembly’s resolution, and urged the Union government to respect Tamil Nadu’s sentiments and resolve the issue promptly.

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‘Diversity is strength’

The actor-politician emphasised that his request was not merely to restore state government rights but to ensure that the educational system encourages students to view things from diverse perspectives.

“Diversity is a strength, not a weakness,” he added, questioning the fairness of testing a student trained under the State board syllabus using the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) syllabus.

Vijay further highlighted the issue with the Concurrent list, where State governments have nominal authority over listed departments but face Union government control. He urged for complete autonomy for State governments in managing these departments.

“If necessary, the Union government could consider conducting NEET exclusively for institutions under its control, such as PGI and AIIMS. These are my suggestions. I understand that progress on this issue may not be swift, and even if there is change, there are significant forces that may impede it,” Vijay observed.

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