Modi will become PM owing to ‘borrowed benevolence,’ says DMK

The people of India did not vote for Modi to govern. The circumstances have allowed him to be PM on borrowed 'dayavu', the DMK said.


Published Jun 07, 2024 | 4:47 PMUpdatedJun 07, 2024 | 4:47 PM

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Tamil Nadu’s ruling DMK on Friday, 7 June, stated that the people did not vote for Narendra Modi to rule the nation but circumstances have allowed him to become prime minister on the basis of “borrowed benevolence” — pointing to the support from NDA allies, including TDP and JD(U).

The Dravidian party’s Tamil mouthpiece ‘Murasoli,’ in an editorial said Modi sought votes in the name of god and when that campaign did not click, he claimed that “he was god himself” but eventually he would now become the prime minister only due to the support of Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar.

“The people of India did not vote for Modi to govern. The circumstances have allowed him to be (become) prime minister on borrowed ‘dayavu’ (benevolence/compassion),” the DMK daily said.

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‘Enough of making tall claims’

“Enough of making tall claims, assuring that (you will) do this and that with 400 seats and 370 seats; fulfil everyday needs of the Indian people. Create an India that is without tears and worries. That is enough,” the editorial on 7 June said.

Furthermore, the daily said that although in the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls, Modi had said that his party alone would win 370 seats, it did not happen, and the BJP could get only 240 seats. “We see with our eyes the saffron party falling into an abyss.”

Although Modi said NDA would secure 400 seats, it could secure only 292 segments, the editorial further pointed out. “Modi alone should own up to responsibility for a setback and defeat of this kind. It is because he thought of showcasing election victory as his own individual achievement. As it has failed, that failure is also his own individual defeat.”

The editorial alleged that the Lok Sabha election was held in seven phases “only for Modi” as he wanted to visit all the states and constituencies so as to win and claim credit for victory in 400 seats. Hence, all the failures should be directed at him alone, it further argued.

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