Fears about presence of drugs in Tamil Nadu proved right, alleges TN Governor Ravi

In an appeal to the people, to effectively guard against the scourge of drugs, Ravi solicited full cooperation for the sake of the state.


Published Mar 11, 2024 | 1:26 PMUpdatedMar 11, 2024 | 1:26 PM

Governor Ravi's statement on drugs in Tamil Nadu. (X)

Governor RN Ravi, on Sunday, 10 March, alleged that the “worst fears” of the “prevalence of drugs” in Tamil Nadu have been “confirmed” by the seizure of narcotics connected to members of an international drug cartel, and the subsequent arrest of the suspected kingpin belonging to the state.

In an appeal to the people, particularly the youth, to effectively guard against the scourge of drugs, Ravi solicited everyone’s full cooperation for the sake of the future of the state.

In a press release, Ravi said, “Recent interdictions of sizeable quantities of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and apprehension of members of international drug cartels in Tamil Nadu and other places by central agencies have confirmed our worst fears – the prevalence of drugs in our state.”

He went on to claim, “Concerned parents with their wards in high schools and colleges have been sharing with me, for over the last year, their serious worries over the prevalence of drugs in campuses and entertainment clubs in the state.”

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Ex-DMK functionary’s arrest in drug case

Governor Ravi’s appeal comes hours after the main Opposition party, AIADMK, petitioned him over the alleged drug menace in the state and sought an investigation into arrested “drug lord” Jaffer Sadiq’s connection to the ruling DMK and the state police.

Tamil Nadu’s ruling DMK has asserted that it has no links with Sadiq and has threatened to initiate legal action on anyone making allegations that the party or its leaders are connected to the dismissed party functionary.

Ravi said the central intelligence, investigative, and enforcement agencies are probing the operations of “international drug cartels with critical nodes in our state trafficking in drugs”.

The Governor cautioned that narcotic drugs are highly addictive and destructive. “If not checked, it will soon destroy our future generations,” he stated. Drug abuse also leads to several other heinous crimes. The menace has to be tackled with a sense of acute urgency and utmost priority, he said.

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An appeal to parents, youth

“While the enforcement agencies of the Centre and the state will do their job, parents and managements of academic institutions in our state must remain ever vigilant against such drugs,” he added.

Since the youth are the primary targets of drug traffickers, parents must be extra vigilant to detect any sign of substance abuse by their wards.

“I appeal to the youth: Please keep far away from such temptations as it will irreparably destroy your life and families. Managements of academic institutions have special responsibility to ensure that such drugs do not find entry in their campuses or their vicinity,” he said.

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