Dalit activist accuses VCK of shielding deputy spokesman from harassment charges

She said she heard VCK committee probing the "Bigg Boss Tamil 6" runner-up found merit in her allegations, but is yet to receive its report.

ByVinodh Arulappan

Published Jul 16, 2023 | 3:39 PMUpdatedJul 16, 2023 | 6:05 PM

Dalit activist accuses VCK of shielding deputy spokesman from harassment charges

Dalit activist Kiruba Munusamy has accused the high command of the Tamil Nadu-based political party Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) of shielding and not taking action against its deputy spokesman Vikraman based on her complaint of harassment.

She noted that VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan constituted a committee to inquire into the allegations of harassment and cheating against Vikraman, the runner-up of Bigg Boss Tamil 6.

In a series of tweets, Kiruba charged that the committee was hesitant in providing the inquiry report to her, and was doing so in order to shield him.

She said that the committee took 40 days to submit its report. “It’s been a month and I was not issued a copy of the report. I’ve been relentlessly trying for a month now. The committee members are not giving. The office bearers are afraid to talk about it and even more scared to share the report”, she said.

In the series of tweets, Kiruba revealed that she submitted a 20-page petition against Vikraman to the VCK high command after he allegedly threatened her.

She said he told her she was only known in a small intellectual circle, but he was a party office-bearer who was popular among the cadres.

“I submitted documentary evidence, 8 witness statements proving relationship, abuse, financial fraud & cheating, [sic]” Kiruba said.

“I heard from sources that the committee found my claims proven & strongly reported against Vikraman with recommendations to expel him from the party & permit me to proceed legally. Is that why the report was deliberately kept hidden by the party high command to protect its Deputy Spokesperson? [sic]” she added.

The advocate also demanded that the report be published and Vikraman be held accountable, with necessary disciplinary action taken against him.

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‘Persistently ill’

The announcement of Enquiry Committee formed by Thol Tirumavalavan

Kiruba said in her tweets: “When I confronted his political-intellectual-financial exploitation & opportunism, he behaved casteistly & abusively. When I distanced myself, he would cry, beg & convince that he’ll behave properly thereafter. But his behaviour continued & started gaslighting & manipulating me [sic].”

She added: “I was routinely harassed, abused, manipulated, gaslit, cheated & exploited in this relationship. I was suicidal & depressed and I’m undergoing therapy for a year now. This is a story I heard from every other victim. Additionally, I became persistently ill because of his torture [sic].”

Kiruba continued in her tweets: “After speaking to 15 people he referred as his exes & friends, I found that there are other victims of his abuse & exploitation who are married now, including many queer men who haven’t come out with their sexuality. Therefore, I told him that I’m going to lodge a police complaint. [sic]”

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The complaint

In April 2023, Kiruba wrote a letter to VCK’s President Thirumavalavan alleging Vikraman of harassing and exploiting her.

The Complaint Letter of Kiruba Munusamy

The party leaders, following a preliminary enquiry and given the prima facie evidence, constituted a five-member committee with two external members to inquire into the complaint and submit its report within 20 days.

Kiruba said in her tweets that it would be a grave injustice to the anti-caste movement if Vikraman continued to hold his position in an anti-caste party like the VCK even after intentionally exploiting a Dalit woman activist to grow in the same party.

She said: “I hope the party does justice by taking action at least now.”

Kiruba also said that the party founded on the principles of justice and equality — especially one that claimed to be a movement for the oppressed and victims — protecting a serial predator and casteist like Vikraman in contravention of the anti-caste and feminist ideologies it propagated was completely unjustifiable and undemocratic.

Despite repeated attempts, functionaries from the VCK refused to talk about the issue.

South First will publish the party’s reaction once a response is received.

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