CAA a precursor, BJP will next target people ‘speaking different languages,’ says Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin

Stalin said the BJP will bring new laws targeting people speaking different languages in each state. CAA is only a precursor to it.


Published Mar 17, 2024 | 5:41 PMUpdatedMar 17, 2024 | 5:41 PM

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin Sri Lanka fishermen

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Sunday, 17 March, said he believed that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or the CAA is only a precursor and that the BJP will bring laws in the future to target people “speaking different languages in each state”.

Referring to BJP’s ‘India shining’ campaign ahead of the 2004 Lok Sabha polls, Stalin said surveys at that time too had predicted a pro-BJP wave; also, the opposition was criticised for not being united.

“However, the election results were in favour of the UPA, and the government continued for the next 10 years. The results of the 2024 election will replicate 2004. History will repeat itself.”

This was the chief minister’s answer, in an interview with Chennai-based English daily DT Next (17 March), when he was asked about the INDIA bloc’s electoral prospects in the Hindi heartland.

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BJP’s ‘secret weapon’

Asked about the Union government notifying rules under the Citizenship Amendment Act and whether it was BJP’s “secret weapon”, the chief minister said the CAA is a part of the saffron party’s divisive politics and it might appear only to be against minorities now, “but in future, the BJP will bring new laws targeting people speaking different languages in each state. CAA is only a precursor to it.”

When asked in the interview if the DMK has lost leverage on the electoral bonds issue since the party is also one of the beneficiaries of the now scrapped scheme and the BJP is citing it to “deflect criticism”, Stalin said: “The credentials of the BJP, which has been blaming DMK and other parties, and whom it pressured to mobilise election funds are worth examining. The BJP has been caught red-handed.”

The DMK has been mobilising election funds since it faced its first election (1957). DMK founder CN Annadurai set a target of ₹10 lakh during the 1967 elections.

“Kalaignar (late DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi) collected ₹11 lakh then. It is usual for the DMK to collect funds and properly audit such collected funds. We have collected funds through electoral bonds in the same transparent manner,” Stalin added.

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