Modi asks Rahul Gandhi if he got ‘black money’ from Ambani, Adani

Contrary to Modi’s claim, on Wednesday, 7 May, during a rally in Jharkhand, Rahul Gandhi had said Modi was working for Ambani and Adani.

BySouth First Desk

Published May 08, 2024 | 7:07 PMUpdatedMay 08, 2024 | 7:07 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the the Rajarajeswara Swamy Temple before addressing the Vemulawada rally. (X)

In a role reversal of sorts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for the very first time, invoked Adani and Ambani in the context of black money to question Congress. On 8 May, he urged Rahul Gandhi to reveal if he had received money from the two industrialists to stop attacking them ever since the schedule for the general election was announced.

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