Kerala burns again, facing multipronged crisis

KSDMA is working with local authorities to assess risks, deploy resources, and implement preventive measures to mitigate the impact of the heat wave.

BySouth First Desk

Published May 05, 2024 | 6:30 AMUpdatedMay 05, 2024 | 6:30 AM

Since the beginning of April, temperatures of 40 to 42 degrees Celsius have been recorded in many parts of the country. (iStock)

Kerala is experiencing an even harsher heatwave this year. Unrelenting heat has gripped many regions, with temperatures significantly exceeding normal. However, summer showers are expected to arrive on 6 May. The government explains the wave: “If a place with maximum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius has 50 percent relative humidity, the heat experienced will be 41 degrees Celsius.”

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