CAA rules, TDP-BJP tie-up make AP Muslims debate on ‘lesser evil’

The Muslim community, comprising around eight-and-a-half percent of the population in Andhra, has a say in the outcome in at least 15 Assembly constituencies.

BySouth First Desk

Published Mar 21, 2024 | 9:30 AMUpdatedMar 21, 2024 | 9:30 AM

Muslims in Vijayawada

The CAA Rules notification worries political parties about how Muslims will vote in Andhra Pradesh. YSRCP and TDP had supported CAA in Parliament. YSRCP later took a U-turn and opposed the Act in its current “discriminatory” form but TDP saw nothing wrong. Also, UCC and the loss of four percent quota worries Andhra Muslims more though communal speeches are uncommon.

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