Bournvita ‘myth-buster’ sets sights on biscuits, ketchup

The Commerce and Industry Ministry has informed e-commerce sites like Amazon to remove mislabelled products from the 'health drink' category.

BySouth First Desk

Published Apr 14, 2024 | 11:20 AMUpdatedApr 14, 2024 | 11:20 AM


Nutritionist and influencer Revant Himatsingka lost a battle to win the war. Though forced to apologise to Cadbury for uploading a video criticising Bournvita’s health claims, Himatsingka had the last laugh when the government directed e-commerce platforms to exclude similar products from the “health drink” category. Terming it “just the beginning”, he demanded biscuits and ketchup, too, should be scrutinised.

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