BJP Karnataka’s ‘brazenly communal’ post raises questions

Priyank Kharge said that ECI was doing little or nothing about repeated communal posts, deeming it the new frontal 'Election Morcha' for BJP.”

BySouth First Desk

Published May 05, 2024 | 1:25 PMUpdatedMay 05, 2024 | 1:25 PM

The post depicted two characters, purportedly Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah, nurturing a specific chick with a skullcap at the cost of other nestlings. (X)

“Hateful, communal, pathetic, and Goebbelsian stuff” is how people described a new animated video of BJP Karnataka. The video shows two people feeding a new hatchling — Muslims. It further shows the big hatchling kicking out other hatchlings — SC, ST, OBC — that were not fed. Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge said it was not the first time the BJP did something like the post.

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