Seek votes on performance of government instead of indulging in ‘hate speeches’: Mallikarjun Kharge to PM Modi

The Congress chief said the voters are intelligent enough to read and understand by themselves what the Congress has written in its manifesto.


Published May 02, 2024 | 3:11 PMUpdatedMay 02, 2024 | 3:11 PM

Mallikarjun Kharge

In a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday, 2 May, said when the elections are over, people will only remember him as the prime minister who indulged in “divisive and communal speeches filled with lies” to avoid an inevitable defeat.

Kharge urged the prime minister to seek votes on the performance of his government over the last ten years instead of indulging in “hate speeches”.

The Congress president made the remarks in a letter to Prime Minister Modi in which he rebutted the attack and charges levelled against Kharge’s party in his letter to NDA candidates after the second phase of the Lok Sabha polls.

Prime Minister Modi has asked the BJP-led NDA candidates in the Lok Sabha polls to spread awareness among voters about the Congress’s intention to snatch “reservation from SC, ST and OBC communities and give it away to their vote bank”.

In a personal letter written to them, Modi also accused the Congress and its allies of having divisive and discriminatory motives, even though reservation on the basis of religion is unconstitutional.

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‘Does not suit the prime minister’

Writing to Modi, Kharge said, “I saw the letter written by you to all the NDA candidates about what they need to communicate to the voters. From the tone and content of the letter, it seems that there is a lot of desperation and worry in you which is leading you to use language that does not suit the office of the Prime Minister.”

“The letter makes it look like the lies in your speeches are not having the effect you intended and now you want your candidates to amplify your lies. Repeating a lie a thousand times will not make it the truth,” he said.

The Congress chief said the voters are intelligent enough to read and understand by themselves what the Congress has written in its manifesto and what guarantees it has promised.

“Our guarantees are so simple and clear, that we don’t have to explain it to them. For your benefit, I will reiterate them here,” Kharge said in his letter and elaborated on the party’s Yuva Nyay, Nari Nyay, Kisan Nyay, Shramik Nyay and Hissedari Nyay.

“We have heard you and the Home Minister say that Congress is practising appeasement politics. The only appeasement policy that we have seen in the last 10 years is the appeasement of Chinese by you and your ministers. Even today, you refuse to call China ‘Ghuspaithiye’, instead on 19 June, 2020, you said ‘Na Koi Ghusa Hai, Na Hi Koi Ghus Aaya hai’, insulting the supreme sacrifice of 20 Indian soldiers in Galwan,” the Congress chief said.

‘Weakened India’

“Your public ‘Clean Chit’ to China, has weakened India’s case and made it more belligerent. Even as tensions escalate due to repeated Chinese transgressions and construction of military infrastructure near LAC in Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Uttarakhand, the imports of Chinese goods to India has increased by 54.76 percent in the past 5 years alone and have crossed $101 billion in 2023-24,” he said.

Noting that the prime minister in his letter to NDA candidates had claimed that reservation would be taken away from SC, ST and OBC and given to the Congress’ vote bank’, Kharge said, “Our vote bank is every Indian — the poor, the marginalised, the women, the aspirational youth, the labour class, the Dalits and the Adivasis. Everyone knows it is the RSS and BJP who opposed reservations at every stage since 1947.”

“Your leaders have openly spoken about it. You need to clarify why you are opposed to reservation to SCs, STs and OBCs on the basis of their population as per Article 16 of our Constitution,” Kharge said.

“In your letter, you have said people’s hard-earned money will be snatched and given away. I would like to take this opportunity to request you to direct your party to return the ₹10 crore that was swindled from the poor Dalit farmers in Gujarat and given as electoral bonds to BJP,” Kharge said.

He accused the BJP of amassing ₹8,250 crore through the “illegal and unconstitutional” Electoral Bonds.

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‘Lies of inheritance tax’

He said Modi’s letter “lies” that Congress wants to bring Inheritance Tax when it is a former BJP Finance Minister and BJP party leaders who have repeatedly mentioned they want Inheritance Tax.

“I see from your letter that you are worried by the low turnout of voters in the first two phases of the elections. It shows people are not enthusiastic about your policies or your campaign speeches. This is not because of the summer heat, but because the poor have been burnt by your policies,” the Congress chief said.

Kharge claimed the prime minister was not interested in talking about the ever widening inequality, unemployment and unprecedented price rise, that is affecting the people.

“You are not interested in talking about the increasing atrocities on women by your leaders,” he said in his letter to Modi.

The Congress’ manifesto speaks of ‘Nyay’ and how it will bring growth for all sections of the society, Kharge said.

“It is better as the prime minister if you seek votes on the performance of your government over the last ten years instead of indulging in hate speeches. The Congress Party would like to challenge you or anyone you depute to debate with us on our manifesto and the points you have made,” he said.

“As I mentioned in my earlier letter, when the elections are over, people will only remember you as the prime minister who indulged in divisive and communal speeches filled with lies to avoid an inevitable defeat,” Kharge said.

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