Kerala plans to tap its vast coastline for beach tourism: Minister PA Mohamed Riyas

The minister made the announcement while inaugurating the first floating bridge in the district at Papanasam Beach in Thiruvananthapuram


Published Dec 25, 2023 | 8:18 PMUpdatedDec 25, 2023 | 8:18 PM

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Kerala is planning to tap the tourism potential of its 580-km coastline dotted by some of the finest seaside getaways including Asia’s longest drive-in beach in Muzhappilangad, state Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas said on Monday, 25 December.

Riyas said that in order to efficiently utilise the state’s potential of beach tourism, the government intends to link tourist places along its vast coastline spread across nine of its 14 districts.

The minister made the announcement while inaugurating the first floating bridge in the district at Papanasam Beach in Thiruvananthapuram, a Tourism Department release said.

Riyas said the floating bridge, the seventh in the state, will add to the tourist attractions in the coastal districts, according to the release.

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‘Ideal for water sports’

“There is a huge potential for beach tourism in Kerala, and it will be utilised effectively. Kerala’s coastline is ideal for water sports. But there are a few projects now. If effectively utilised, it will immensely contribute to the state’s revenues,” the minister was quoted as having said in the release.

He also said that many investors had come forward at the first Tourism Investors’ Meet held in the state capital last month, expressing their interest in investing in beach tourism.

The minister further said that the government intends to implement more beach tourism projects in public-private partnerships.

Floating bridge in Varkala

A master plan has been formulated to comprehensively develop Varkala as a major entertainment and pilgrimage centre in the state to be implemented in 2024, he said according to the release.

“New projects like the floating bridge in Varkala, which currently has many water sports activities, will attract more tourists here,” Riyas said.

The floating bridge has been set up by the Department of Tourism in association with the District Tourism Promotion Council, Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society and the Municipality of Varkala, the release said.

The bridge has a 100-meter length and a three-meter width with pillars on both sides. At the bridge’s end is a platform- 11 meters long and seven meters wide-, enabling visitors to enjoy the scenery far off the sea, it said.

Constructed with 1,400 high-density floating polyethylene blocks, the bridge, held by 700 kg anchors, is equipped with all protective measures, including safety boats, life jackets and lifeguards, it said.

Around 100 visitors can enter the floating bridge at a time and move along the sea’s waves. The entry will be from 11 am to 5 pm, the release said.

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