INDIA bloc will rewrite Constitution to give reservation on basis of religion: PM Modi

PM Modi claimed the Congress declared educational establishments as minority institutions and gave reservations to Muslims there.


Published May 27, 2024 | 7:52 AMUpdatedMay 27, 2024 | 7:52 AM

PM Modi on reservation to Muslims

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, 26 May claimed INDIA bloc parties will rewrite the Constitution to provide reservation based on religion, and alleged they want to turn the country’s majority community into second-class citizens.

Addressing a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghosi in the Purvanchal region, he also alleged the opposition grouping will end the reservation given to SC, ST, and OBC and give all of it to Muslims. He accused the INDIA bloc parties of making different castes fight among themselves.

Attacking INDIA bloc partners Samajwadi Party and Congress, Modi said they have neglected Purvanchal over the years and turned it into a “region of mafia, poverty and helplessness”.

INDIA bloc in a big conspiracy says PM Modi

The SP and INDIA bloc are making castes fight among themselves so that they become weak, he alleged, adding this is being done “to divert people’s attention from the real issues”.

“Today, I have come to alert the people of Purvanchal and Ghosi about the big conspiracy of the INDIA alliance,” Modi said, and counted the grouping’s three “big conspiracies”.

“First, the people of the INDIA alliance will change the Constitution and write in it afresh that reservation should be given based on religion in India. Second, these INDIA people will end the reservation given to SCs, STs, and OBCs. Third, they will give the entire reservation to Muslims based on religion,” he alleged.

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He said, “A third method has been created to circumvent the OBC reservation. They are declaring Muslim castes as OBC overnight. Recently, the Calcutta High Court has rejected OBC reservation for 77 Muslim castes.”

The PM went on to add, “Today, the SP, Congress and INDIA bloc want to make the majority community in India second-class citizens.”

He alleged those associated with the Samajwadi Party kept Purvanchal backward under a conspiracy and the people of the region will continue to punish them for this.

“The families of SP and Congress had their dynastic mindset turn Purvanchal into a region of mafia, poverty and helplessness,” he said.

“The people associated with the INDIA alliance who set fire to your houses, encroached on land, who emboldened rioters, who shed tears for the mafia, such people should not be allowed to set foot in Purvanchal,” said the PM.

The rally was held in support of BJP and NDA candidates from Ghosi, Salempur and Ballia Lok Sabha seats.

On reservation to Muslims

Referring to the SP and Congress’ previous manifestos, Modi said, “In 2012 (assembly polls), the SP had written in its manifesto that the reservation that Babasaheb gave to Dalits, similar reservation will be given to Muslims.”

Modi further claimed the Congress declared educational establishments as minority institutions and gave reservations to Muslims there.

“Before 2014, the Congress changed the law overnight to declare schools, colleges and universities as minority institutions. They declared thousands of educational institutions as minority institutions. Earlier, the reservation SC, ST and OBC students were getting there was completely ended and Muslims got the reservation.”

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“What can be a bigger betrayal than this of the sons and daughters of Dalits, backward tribals?” he asked.

The entire world is watching the ongoing general elections in India, he said, adding the more powerful the government India elects, the more powerful the Prime Minister it gets, and its echo will be heard in every country of the world.

NDA partner Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party has fielded Arvind Rajbhar from the Ghosi Lok Sabha seat. The BJP has fielded Neeraj Shekhar and Ravindra Kushwaha from Ballia and Salempur Lok Sabha seats.

Polling in Ghosi, Ballia and Salempur will be held on 1 June in the last phase of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

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