Andhra Pradesh police reunite puppies stranded due to flood with its mother dog

This took place beside NH 65 in the Nandigama mandal, which connects Hyderabad and Vijayawada and is located near the Telangana border.


Published Jul 30, 2023 | 6:09 PM Updated Jul 30, 2023 | 6:10 PM

The police officers rescuing the puppies

In a heartwarming moment, the Andhra Pradesh police attended to a street dog’s cries for help at Ithavaram village in the NTR district to rescue its puppies stranded in an abandoned house amid floods.

The incident took place beside National Highway 65 (NH 65) in Nandigama mandal, which connects Hyderabad and Vijayawada and is located near the Telangana border.

“We were engaged in managing the vehicular traffic on the highway amid flood conditions on Friday and our DCP Ajitha Vejendla noticed that a dog was strangely lingering around us. She directed us to attend to it,” Nandigama ACP Janardhan Naidu told PTI on Sunday, 30 July.

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The rescue mission

Two policemen and a policewoman in fatigues followed the dog to the house. As the dog waited, the police waded through the flooded water before the locked house, jumped over the compound wall and rescued two puppies.

They washed the puppies and reunited them with the mother dog.

“Initially, we did not bother much about the dog as we were busy clearing the traffic, but on pondering a little, we identified that the dog was running back and forth between us and the house where its puppies were stuck,” said Naidu.

According to him, floodwater stagnated in front of the house around 3 pm on Thursday while the police noticed the dog’s predicament on Friday afternoon, about 20 hours after losing contact with its puppies.

He also noted that the exhausted dog also did not bark much but was only running around for help while the puppies became weak.

After reuniting the puppies, he said the mother dog fed them milk and rejuvenated them. Later, the cheerful canines slipped into the village.

Recently, the swollen Munneru River — a tributary of the Krishna River — cut off traffic on the highway and flooded the areas in and around Nandigama.

Monsoon rains have led to the major Godavari and Krishna rivers along with its various tributaries receiving large volumes of floodwaters over the last few days.

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