After a year and a half, husband confesses to murdering wife: Kochi rural police

Sajeev had been under surveillance for over a year by a team set up to probe the disappearance of his wife.


Published Jan 13, 2023 | 6:15 PMUpdated Jan 13, 2023 | 6:15 PM

After a year and a half, husband confesses to murdering wife: Kochi rural police

A man accused of murdering his wife a year-and-a-half ago has finally admitted to having committed the crime, Kochi police said on Friday, 13 January.

Kochi rural police had arrested 48-year-old Sajeev for allegedly killing his wife and burying her in the courtyard of his house.

“The man confessed to having strangled his wife and burying the body. He claims that he did the crime alone. He said that the killing took place on 16 August 2021. We are yet to confirm the date. He claimed that he had burned the ropes used in the crime,” district rural police chief Vivek Kumar told reporters.

The crime

According to the police, Sajeev had been under surveillance for more than a year by a Special Investigation Team constituted to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the woman.

His arrest was made after gathering evidence. The preliminary investigation suggested that Sajeev had killed his wife Ramya following an argument over her phone calls.

She was buried near their house in Edavanakkad village. The accused continued to stay in the house after committing the murder.

The remains were found in the courtyard of the house, the police had said.

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Unravelling the act

The accused was preparing for another marriage after convincing his relatives and locals that his wife had left him for someone else.

Sajeev had lodged a complaint with the Njarakkal police in February last year, claiming that Ramya had gone missing in August 2021.

The SIT shadowed Sajeev’s every movement, while he had pretended that he didn’t know anything about his wife’s disappearance. He was arrested following a scientific investigation, the police added.

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