54 expatriates from Andhra Pradesh identified in war-torn Sudan, 34 found safe: Official

Officials from a government-run society confirmed that the 34 expatriates have already reached Port Sudan by the coast of the Red Sea.


Published Apr 25, 2023 | 6:24 PMUpdatedApr 25, 2023 | 6:24 PM

Sudan rescue

As many as 34 of the 54 expatriates with origins from Andhra Pradesh currently stuck in violence-hit Sudan have been found to be safe, Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society (APNRTS) president Medapati Venkat said on Tuesday, 25 April.

Officials from the government-run society confirmed that the 34 expatriates have already reached Port Sudan by the coast of the Red Sea and they are expected to proceed further to a safer place.

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‘Efforts underway’

Though the remaining 20 people could not get in touch with APNRTS, Venkat said efforts were underway to reach out to them and noted that they could be just 30 kilometres from the conflict zone, hinting that all of them are safe.

“We could not get in touch with them due to telecom signal issues,” he said, adding that the society is reaching out on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh government.

According to Venkat, all the 54 are not at the same place but APNRTS has created a WhatsApp group for them to stay in touch.

Incidentally, the central government contacted the society through AP Bhavan in Delhi two days ago asking for information on stranded people or any distress calls from the African nation.

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Venkat said they have provided all the information and also wrote to the Indian Embassy two times to ensure the safety of the expatriates.

Further, all 54 have been directed to register themselves with the local embassy to avail evacuation from there as and when it is possible, he added.

India on Monday launched “Operation Kaveri” to bring back its nationals from Sudan which has been witnessing fierce fighting following a power struggle between the regular army and a paramilitary force.

The deadly fighting between Sudan’s army and a paramilitary group for the past 12 days has reportedly left around 400 people dead.

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