When INDIA bloc gets mandate, we’ll deliver by implementing ‘Paanch Nyay Pachees Guarantee’: Congress

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said when the Congress makes guarantees to India’s voters, it delivers.


Published May 20, 2024 | 4:38 PMUpdatedMay 20, 2024 | 4:38 PM

Congress general secretary in-charge communications Jairam Ramesh.

As the Siddaramaiah-led government completed one year in office, the Congress on Monday, 20 May, said it has successfully implemented all guarantees made to the people of the state and when the INDIA bloc inevitably gets clear on 4 June, the party will deliver by implementing ‘Paanch Nyaya Pachees Guarantee’.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said when the Congress makes guarantees to India’s voters, it delivers.

“It has now been one year of our government in Karnataka, where we have successfully implemented all guarantees made to the people. When the Congress and INDIA Janbandhan inevitably get the clear and convincing mandate of the people on 4 June, we will deliver again, by implementing our ‘Paanch Nyay Pachees Guarantee’.

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Karnataka government guarantees

Ramesh also gave a summary of the Karnataka government’s guarantees which have been implemented such as ‘Gruhalakshmi’ under which every month, 1.21 crore women heads of the family receive ₹2,000 directly in their accounts from the government, combating inflation and inequality.

“With a monthly allocation of ₹2,430 crore, close to ₹23,365 crore has been spent till date for Gruhalakshmi!” he said

Ramesh said that under the ‘Shakti scheme’, 60 lakh women in the state travel for free in buses daily, accounting for 210 crore free rides and costing approximately ₹5,096 crore.

Under the ‘Annabhagya’, he said that in order to end hunger in Karnataka, the government transfers 5 kg free rice grain to 1.38 crore families and 4.08 crore beneficiaries

Ramesh also listed the other schemes implemented by the Karnataka government such as ‘Yuvanidhi — to support youth looking for jobs, graduates are given ₹3000/month and diploma holders ₹1500/month — and ‘Gruhajyoti under which 200 units of free electricity is benefiting over 1.67 crore families.

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Lok Sabha election guarantees

“Many of our signature guarantees for the Lok Sabha elections are built on the Karnataka Model: Mahalakshmi: ₹1 lakh per year transferred directly to the account of one woman in each poor family; Doubling of the individual allowance of free ration under the National Food Security Act to 10 kg per person; Pehli Naukri Pakki: Guaranteed one-year apprenticeship of ₹1 lakh per year to all graduates and diploma holders,” the Congress leader said.

The Congress’ vision for India is being implemented in Karnataka today — freedom from hunger and from price rise, affordable healthcare, jobs for youth, and prosperity for all, Ramesh said.

The Congress has pitched its election campaign on ‘Paanch Nyay’ — Yuva Nyay, Naari Nyay, Shramik Nyay, Kisaan Nyaya and Hissedari Nyay — under which it has promised 25 main guarantees for the people.

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