Unauthorised videos of Lok Sabha proceedings made public: Tamil Nadu Congress MP R Sudha seeks probe

Sudha referred to the videos of Lok Sabha proceedings on 1 July, 2024, which were uploaded on X, by journalist Navika Kumar.

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Published Jul 08, 2024 | 12:58 PM Updated Jul 08, 2024 | 12:58 PM

Screengrab of the unauthroised video coverage

R Sudha, Congress MP from Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu wrote to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla seeking a probe into the unauthorised recording and release of the same videos of the Lok Sabha on social media.

In the letter dated Friday, 5 July, Sudha referred to the videos of Lok Sabha proceedings on 1 July, 2024, which were uploaded on the social media site X, by journalist Navika Kumar.

She further wrote: “As may be seen from the angle from which the video has been shot is either from the Treasury benches or has been allegedly ‘obtained from Sansad TV.”

Sudha noted that “Videographing proceedings of Parliament or sharing unreleased footage of proceedings by Sansad TV would amount to grave misconduct and a breach of parliamentary privilege.”

Calling it contempt of the house, Sudha said, “Navika Kumar who had posted the video footage on social media and those responsible for sharing this video footage come under rigours of breach of parliamentary privilege and misconduct.”

The videos mentioned by the Congress MP were shared on X, by the journalist Navika Kumar on 3 July.

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Previous instances and suspensions

Mayiladuthurai MP Sudha also recalled the previous instances of members of the Parliament videographing the proceedings, which led to strict action against them, including suspension.

Sudha noted the instance of then AAP MP Bhagwant Mann videographing the process of Zero Hour notice ballot in the Parliamentary Notice Office (PNO) of Lok Sabha Secretariat, and also how he entered Parliament House and went up to PNO.

She recalled that the above action was “Taken serious note of and was referred the Speaker to a specially constituted inquiry committee to investigate and report on the matter. Thereafter, on 8 December, 2016, after accepting the committee’s recommendations, the House suspended the member for the remaining part of the Session.”

Noting another instance in Rajya Sabha, when Congress MP Rajani Ashokrao Patil videographed part of the proceedings and uploaded it to social media, Sudha recalled that the instance was referred to the Committee of Privileges for examination and report.

Rajani Ashokrao Patil was suspended for three months following the report submitted.

Recalling the above instances, Sudha requested the Speaker to investigate the issue by the Committee of Privileges or a specifically constituted inquiry committee.

She further called for appropriate punishment for the guilty.

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