Hyderabad: State-run hospital uses laughing gas to curb labour pains

After successful use of laughing gas at the King Koti district hospital for deliveries, Telangana plans to use it in other hospitals as well.

BySaurav Kumar

Published Jun 23, 2022 | 6:22 PMUpdatedJul 22, 2022 | 11:24 AM

Child birth (Representative image)

The Telangana government-run King Koti District Hospital in Hyderabad has started using laughing gas during the delivery of babies to lessen the agony and pain experienced by women during labour.

The hospital is using Entonox — a mixture of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and oxygen — for successful normal deliveries and to ease the pain of birthing mothers.

Dr Jalaja Veronica, head of the gynaecology department of the hospital, told South First, “The King Koti District Hospital is the first to use such equipment to ease the pain of birthing mothers.”

She added: “Pregnant women will now have less painful normal deliveries.”

The process

Explaining the process, the doctor said, “When a woman cannot bear the pain of childbirth, she is given Entonox via the oxygen mask. The gas goes into her body and helps reduce pain.”

She added that depending on the patient’s pain threshold, Entonox begins to work on the sensory nerves and within 20 seconds provides relief of one or two minutes to the woman.

The hospital used Entonox for the first time on 12 May, and so far 13 women have successfully delivered babies with its help.

Encouraging for normal delivery

Consulting anesthesiologist Dr KA Varghese said, “Labour involves huge pain. Entonox lowers the anxiety level of labouring mothers, giving them a feeling of relaxation.”

Gynaecologist Dr Madhuja G explained, “It is a patient-monitored technique where a woman gets sedated when the pain increases. The use of laughing gas is very effective.”

She added that the use of laughing gas also encourages women to go for normal deliveries.

After the successful use of laughing gas in this district hospital, the Telangana government is planning to use it in other state-run hospitals.