Rape case registered against Prajwal Revanna, says Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah; 2nd notice served to HD Revanna

He said he directed police to identify, trace and secure the victims in view of the alleged kidnapping of a victim in Mysuru district.

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Published May 03, 2024 | 6:20 PMUpdatedMay 03, 2024 | 7:11 PM

File photo of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday, 3 May, said a rape case had been registered against JD(S) leader and NDA’s Hassan candidate Prajwal Revanna.

He said he directed police to identify, trace and secure the victims in view of the alleged kidnapping of a victim at Krishnaraja Nagar town in Mysuru district.

The mother of three children was allegedly abducted by Holenarasipura MLA and Prajwal’s father HD Revanna and his confidant Sathish Babanna from her home after her 20-year-old son complained to the police.

He said videos showed that his mother was allegedly tied and raped by Prajwal Revanna. Police have arrested Sathish Babanna and are interrogating him in connection with the case, a police source said.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Home Minister Dr G Parameshwara said a second notice has been served to Revanna in connection with the cases of molestation and abduction registered against him.

HD Revanna is the son of former prime minister and JD(S) patriarch HD Deve Gowda.

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Accuses BJP

The chief minister said the BJP committed a wrong in the Prajwal Revanna case.

“Both the BJP and the JD(S) knew about Prajwal Revanna’s videos. Prajwal Revanna’s case is not just sexual harassment. He has raped women. A rape case has been registered (against him),” Siddaramaiah said.

Supporting the complainants, he said, “Will a woman lie that she has been raped? Won’t her life get destroyed after the complaint? If a married woman says openly that she has been raped then we have to accept it.”

He said there is a law of presumption. Women never lie (on these issues). Victims won’t lie. Shouldn’t this be accepted? Why did they give a ticket (to Prajwal) despite knowing it? Why did they (BJP) forge an alliance (with the JD-S)?

To a question, he wondered if the JD(S) leadership said they would cooperate with the investigation, why did Deve Gowda and his son and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy call lawyers and discuss with them on Thursday.

The chief minister took a dig at Kumaraswamy saying that they had separated themselves from Revanna but during the election, he campaigned for him and said his son Nikhil and nephew Prajwal Revanna were not different.

“Whatever they do, they do it together — be it politics or misdeeds,” he said.

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‘Will ensure he is caught’

On Prajwal’s stay in Germany, Siddaramaiah said wherever he escaped, the government would ensure that he was caught and brought back.

“Whichever country he is staying in, we will get him from there. That’s why I have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to cancel his diplomatic passport,” the Chief Minister said.

He said once the passport is cancelled, the Hassan NDA candidate cannot stay there and he has to return to India.

He asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to revoke the diplomatic passport.

Questioning the JD(S) alliance partner BJP’s stand on the issue, he said the party gave Prajwal a ticket and helped him flee the country.

“Can he go abroad without the knowledge of the Centre? The Centre knows who and how many people are going abroad and to which country. Can anyone enter the country without sharing information? Centre is protecting Prajwal Revanna,” he alleged.

Revanna seeks time

Speaking to reporters, Parameshwara said earlier a notice was served under section 41 A of CrPC to which Prajwal Revanna’s advocate had sought seven days’ time.

The SIT, which was set up to investigate the sexual abuse allegations against Prajwal Revanna, has replied that it would not be possible to give them the time sought as there is no such provision, the minister said.

He added that Revanna who was also served the notice has sought 24 hours’ time.

“As time cannot be given, procedurally a second notice has been issued (to MLA Revanna), because law says due opportunity has to be given. If they don’t respond to the notice, action will be taken in accordance with law,” the minister said.

Amid reports that the victims of MP Prajwal’s alleged sexual abuse are not coming forward to record their statements, Parameshwara said, “We are trying to instill courage in them to come forward and give statements; the government will protect them. SIT has identified those in the video and is giving them courage… We expect more women to come and give statements.”

Underlining the gravity of the matter his department is dealing with, the minister said this was not like any other case.

“This is a sensitive case involving the lives of women and their families,” he explained.

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‘Cannot be shared in public’

Stating that a lot of the information pertaining to the case cannot be shared in the public domain, Parameshwara said a second case has been registered.

“Measures were taken on Thursday to ensure that the statement is recorded before the magistrate itself and the process is on and it will continue today too,” the minister said.

“No one should say the SIT pressurised them to give a statement, so straight away statement is being recorded before the magistrate under section 164 of CrPC,” Parameshwara said.

To a question on SIT raiding Prajwal’s house, the minister said he was not aware of it but added that a look-out notice has been issued and all international airports have been alerted, as per the procedure, with photos of Prajwal who had left the country when the allegations against him became public knowledge.

“A letter has also been sent to the prime minister by the chief minister asking for Prajwal’s diplomatic passport to be cancelled. Everything is going as per law with speed,” the minister added.

Asked about allegations that one of the victims has allegedly been kidnapped by Revanna, Parameshwara said it is being inquired into to find out whether it is true or not. “In case such a thing has happened, action will be taken by the SIT,” he said.

“Everything is coming out, one after another, and everything is being examined by the SIT. Some more women have to come and give statement,” he added.

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