How the Hyderabad police nabbed an interstate Nigerian drug peddler with cocaine, narcotics worth ₹8 crore

A police team of the Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TSNAB) had kept a watch in Goa for more than one month to identify the accused.

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Published Feb 06, 2024 | 5:36 PMUpdatedFeb 06, 2024 | 5:36 PM

Nigerian drug peddler Hyderabad

A 43-year-old Nigerian national was apprehended in Hyderabad for allegedly peddling drugs. 557 grams of cocaine and other narcotic drugs all worth ₹8 crore were seized from his possession, police said on Tuesday, 6 February.

Based on credible information, police teams nabbed Iwuala Udoka Stanley and seized 557 grams of cocaine, Ecstasy pills weighing 390 grams, three grams of LSD blots, 215 grams of Charas, 21 grams of heroine, seven grams of Amphetamine, 45 grams of OG weed and 190 grams of weed and eight cell phones from him, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Zone) SM Vijay Kumar said.

The accused was living in Candolim in Goa.

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The arrest

A police team of one sub-inspector and six head constables of the Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TSNAB) had kept a watch in Goa for more than one month to identify the accused.

With the help of technical evidence and tower locations, the accused was identified and his location was traced.

The team learnt that the accused was going to visit Hyderabad to supply drugs to his regular consumers and also to do drug dealing, police said.

Based on that information, the TSNAB team along with the assistance of Panjagutta Police apprehended Stanley and seized cocaine and various other narcotic drugs from his possession, they said.

Drug peddling since 2014

Arrested and jailed for six months in 2012 for illegal stay, Stanley got married to a Rajasthan native in 2014 and started operating a shop in Candolim.

According to the police, he came in touch with some drug peddlers and supplied their goods.

In 2017, Stanley was arrested by NCB, Goa for drug peddling and was lodged in Central Jail, Goa.

After his release, he continued his drug business and started procuring it from various persons and was selling them to customers in Goa, police said.

The accused mainly got drugs from Nigerians who stay in Mumbai and Goa and there are many other drug suppliers from whom he procured them and they would be identified during the investigation, the DCP said.

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The transportation of drugs

“The accused Stanley operates his financial transactions through one of his known person who has a clothes business in Mumbai and with his help, the accused Stanley, was sending money to the suppliers online for procuring drugs or for other drug dealings,”said the police in a press release.

The police said that one Nigerian native, the main supplier of drugs to Stanley is lodged in a Goa Jail, procures drugs from various sources and are being supplied to Pune by using courier services which are in turn delivered to his associates.

“After the receipt of drugs, the associate comes to Goa and on instructions of Nigerian he will supply the drug to Stanley,” police said.

On enquiry, it was learnt that there are more than 500 consumers who purchased drugs from Stanley of which seven are from Hyderabad.

The investigation is on to identify the drug peddlers, transporters, financial supporters, other associates and also the consumers who are purchasing drugs from the Nigerian, police added.