Embassy in constant touch with Indian nationals in Lebanon, advisory issued for precaution: MEA

Lebanon shares a border with Israel in the south. The MEA said there is an "evolving situation" in Lebanon.


Published Jun 29, 2024 | 11:53 AM Updated Jun 29, 2024 | 11:53 AM

MEA official spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal

Amid the evolving security environment in Lebanon, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday, 28 June, said the Embassy of India in Beirut is in “constant touch” with the Indian nationals there and added an advisory has been issued for them as a matter of “abundant precaution”.

MEA official spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal, in response to a query during a weekly media briefing in New Delhi, said the advisory is not a “not a travel advisory” restricting the Indians to travel to Beirut.

Some reports had claimed that India has issued a travel advisory for its nationals.

“Our embassy in Beirut has issued an advisory. A lot of Indian nationals stay there, work there… there are professionals. As per the information that I have, about 2,000-3,000 people are there. Our embassy is in constant touch with them. We have not issued any travel advisory,” he said.

“We have just said that they should keep in touch with the embassy, so that if there is any incident, we can take action as soon as possible,” Jaiswal said.

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“Evolving situation” in Lebanon 

Lebanon shares a border with Israel in the south. The MEA said there is an “evolving situation” in Lebanon.

The Indian Embassy had on Thursday shared an advisory in a post on X, saying it is an “advisory for Indian nationals in Lebanon”.

“In view of the current situation in Lebanon, all Indian nationals in Lebanon are advised to exercise caution and remain in contact with Embassy of India in Beirut through our email address: cons.beirut@mea.gov.in or through emergency helpline number +961-76860128,” the embassy wrote in its advisory.”

Jaiswal during his briefing was asked multiple queries related to the Indians in Lebanon amid the evolving situation in that country.

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Advisory for Indian nationals

“Our embassy in Beirut issued an advisory, and that advisory is not a travel advisory restricting Indians to travel to Beirut. That advisory is for Indian nationals who are based in Lebanon, so that they stay in touch with the Embassy, if things… there is an evolving situation there” he said in response to another query.

“As a matter of abundant precaution, this advisory has been issued, so that the embassy is enabled if there is a requirement to get in touch with the Indian nationals and it can do so at the shortest possible time”, he added.

He was also asked if “Israeli action violates Lebanese sovereignty”.

“All nations are sovereign nations, correct. So that is where it is. You are talking about a situation that is yet to develop. As and when the situation develops, we will have a look at it. But, the question right now is… all nations in the world are sovereign nations,” the MEA spokesperson said.

“They are well within their right to do whatever they want, as a sovereign entity,” he said.

Israel’s latest conflict with Hamas in Gaza began after the 7 October attack on the Jewish state by Hamas militants.

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Protests in Kenya, advisory issued

Jaiswal was also asked about the Indian nationals in Kenya in the wake of the widespread protests in Nairobi against a contentious finance bill.

“In Kenya, there also we have issued an advisory. There was a protest linked to a local legislation. No Indian has been caught in the violence… no body has been impacted. That advisory still holds good,” he said.

“We have told our national to be cautious, take care of their movements or how they go about in the city. My understanding is that the situation is coming back to normal, it is improving and things are in order as of now,” Jaiswal said.

Kenyan Police had on Thursday clashed with the protesters in Nairobi before planned protests against the bill despite its president’s decision not to sign it after the plans triggered deadly chaos in the capital city.

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