Christians in Kerala fed up with lies of LDF, UDF: PM Narendra Modi

Modi asserted that members of the community have been supporting the BJP in many places, including Goa and the northeast states.


Published Apr 21, 2024 | 10:20 AM Updated Apr 21, 2024 | 10:20 AM

Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, 20 April, said Christians in Kerala have become fed up with the “lies” of the Congress-led UDF and the CPI(M)-led LDF while asserting that the trust of the community in the BJP has grown stronger.

Modi asserted that members of the community have been supporting the BJP in many places, including Goa and the northeast states.

In an interview with Asianet News ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in all 20 seats of Kerala on 26 April, Modi said the trust of the Christian community in the BJP has grown stronger and the party will continue to do everything possible for their welfare.

The BJP has been making concerted efforts to woo the community, who are influential in a number of Lok Sabha seats in Kerala, as the party looks to make a serious impact in the state where it has never been able to win any seat.

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Mentions BJP ruled Christian majority states

Replying to a question, Modi noted the BJP is in power in Goa where Christians are in large numbers, and in the northeast where the community is in a majority in some states and is in big numbers in others.

The BJP and its allies are in power in most states of the northeast region.

Several chief ministers and ministers are Christians, the prime minister said, noting that he frequently meets leaders of the community and organises Christmas festivities as well.

Community leaders from Kerala tell him how Church properties in the state are facing a crisis due to the LDF and UDF, he said, highlighting his government’s efforts to help them, including fishermen.

“Christian community has become fed-up with the lies of the LDF and the UDF,” he said.

Acknowledging the community’s contributions to health and education sectors, Modi said his government is on board with them on many issues.

“The trust of the Christian community in us has grown stronger and we will continue to do everything possible for their welfare,” he said.

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Congress, Left fooling people

In a swipe at the Congress and the Left, the two main formations in Kerala, he said they have been fooling people.

“Both parties are the two sides of the same coin,” Modi said, adding the Congress will demand in Kerala that Left leaders should be jailed and but decry “vindictive” politics if they are arrested.

Hitting out at the state’s ruling Left front for alleged financial irregularities in cooperative banks run by Left groups, the prime minister said nearly ₹1 lakh crore belonging to the poor and common persons of the state has been deposited there.

The Enforcement Directorate has attached ₹90 crore and his government is seeking legal advice about returning the money to those it belongs to, Modi said.

The prime minister reiterated that people have decided to elect his party to power for another term at the Centre as they can now compare his government with previous dispensations and support him for his work.

“In 2014, we brought hope to the people of India. In 2019, we instilled confidence, and in 2024, we pledge to deliver ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ to the people of India,” he said.

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