‘As long as I’m alive, won’t allow quota for Muslims on basis of religion’: PM Modi in Telangana

Modi claimed that the Congress had provided reservations to the Muslims after curtailing the quota for the OBCs.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Apr 30, 2024 | 8:18 PM Updated Apr 30, 2024 | 8:44 PM

Narendra Modi speaking in Medak in Telangana.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, 30 April, attacked the Congress — who said the BJP would abrogate the Constitution — saying that as long as he was alive he wouldn’t allow reservations for Muslims based on religion.

However, he said, the quota for SC, ST and OBCs would continue and declared that he would continue to protect the Indian Constitution as the most sacred document.

Modi was addressing an election rally at Alla Durgam in Medak District in support of BJP candidates BB Patil and M Raghunandan Rao for Zaheerabad and Medak, respectively.

The prime minister said: “As long as I am alive, I will not allow reservation of SCs, STs and OBCs to be given to Muslims on the basis of religion. I will not allow it,” adding that he and the BJP were opposed to providing reservations based on religion.

He said that for him and the BJP, the Constitution was like a sacred scripture.

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‘Congress never respected Constitution’

He warned those who had circulated doctored videos that the BJP would do away with reservists for all sections after coming to power for the third time, would be dealt with.

Modi further claimed that the Congress, on the other hand, had provided reservations to the Muslims after curtailing the quota for the OBCs.

He said that there was a dichotomy in the Congress policy as it supported reservations for the Muslims but opposed them to Lingayats.

“Since the beginning, Congress had never respected the Constitution. It was the Congress which had brought in an emergency, and it was Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, who had time and again, showed disrespect to the Constitution”, he said.

“Now the Congers is trying to use the Constitution to meet its narrow political interests,” Modi claimed.

He said the BJP had a lot of respect for the Constitution and recalled how as the chief minister of Gujarat he had celebrated the 60 years of the unveiling of the Constitution by parading the “dharm grandh” on an elephant.

“This is the kind of respect we have for the Constitution and its architect Babasaheb BR Ambedkar. The BJP is not like Congress which has no regard or respect for the Constitution. Forget about the Indian Constitution, the Congress has no regard for its constitution and several decisions it took in the past were in conflict with the provisions of the party’s constitution,” he said.

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‘BJP fought against Congress’

The prime minister recalled several instances in the past when the BJP had fought against the dictatorial tendencies of the Congress when it tried to undermine the Constitution and bring in legislation including the one that muzzled the freedom of the press.

He said that after the elections, the Congress would not even get the required seats to get the primary Opposition party status in the Parliament and would set a record of winning the lowest number of seats in its history.

The prime minister warned the people that if Congress came to power, it would impose an inheritance tax of about 55 percent of the property that the people would bequeath to their children.

He said when the whole world was economically progressing, India was suffering from policy paralysis under the previous UPA government.

Taking a swipe at the Congress in Telangana, he said that the state government was collecting RR tax (Revanth Reddy tax) and was sending it to the Congress’ top leaders in Delhi.

He said that if the movie RRR was a runaway hit and earned accolades all over the world, the RR tax is making the country hang its head in shame.

If one does not understand the implications of the RR tax, in a matter of five years, incalculable harm would be done to the people, he said, adding that several businessmen were already affected by the tax.

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‘Five political symbols’

Taking a dig at the Congress, he said whenever the grand old party is in power, it has five political symbols — first, false promises; second, vote bank politics, third, supporting mafia and criminals, fourth dynastic politics and fifth corruption.

He also took potshots at BRS and referred to how it was steeped in corruption.

“The Delhi liquor scam was an eloquent example of how the party got bogged down in corruption,” he said and recalled that the AAP which is neck deep in the scam was a partner of the Congress’ alliance.

The prime minister said that the BRS and the Congress always helped each other.

“In the past, the BRS did not act on the infamous vote for note scam in which Revanth Reddy was accused and now the Congress government was not moving against KCR though he is allegedly involved in corruption in the execution of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS),” he said.

“It is the Congress now and was the BRS then who plundered Telangana state,” he said.

(Edited by Muhammed Fazil)