With Thrissur in its pocket, BJP sets ambitious goals for upcoming polls in Kerala

Buoyed by the party's electoral performance in Lok Sabha polls, Nadda pointed out that the BJP has made significant gains in Kerala.

ByDileep V Kumar

Published Jul 11, 2024 | 1:00 PM Updated Jul 11, 2024 | 1:00 PM

BJP supporters in Kerala

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is riding on a wave of exhilaration after its groundbreaking triumph in the recent Lok Sabha elections, where it secured a seat for the first time in Kerala’s parliamentary history, by winning Thrissur.

This historic achievement has infused the party with renewed vigour and determination, propelling them to set their sights on the forthcoming local body and Assembly elections in the state with unparalleled enthusiasm.

‘A newfound momentum’

According to a state committee member, emboldened by the party’s inroads in the just concluded general elections, it is now strategically mobilizing its resources and grassroots network to strengthen BJP’s presence across the state.

“A newfound momentum is there. But it is not just for winning elections; it’s about redefining the political landscape of the state also,” said the member to South First.

According to him, the party is engaging with local communities, addressing regional issues, and championing development initiatives to strike a chord with people.

He also added that by chalking out a dynamic campaign that emphasises inclusivity and progress, the BJP aims to transform its electoral success into a lasting political foothold in Kerala during the local body and Assembly polls.

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‘Shifted gears’

At the same time, a spokesperson of the party told South First that immediately after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections, BJP members shifted gears to prepare for the local body polls and the 2026 Assembly elections.

According to him, a thorough analysis of the poll outcome has been conducted, and changes in the party’s working style will be implemented accordingly.

“The overall evaluation is that the party has made significant inroads even in constituencies traditionally considered strongholds of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF). However, we still have a lot of work to do to win big in the local body polls and Assembly elections,” he stated.

The spokesperson further emphasised that the immediate focus is on the local body polls.

“We have already started working to increase our winning percentage in these elections. Our goal is to build on the momentum gained in the Lok Sabha polls and translate it into victories at the local level.”

In the previous local body elections, the BJP won a total of 1,596 wards, comprising 1,181 grama panchayat wards, 37 block panchayat wards, two district panchayat wards, 317 municipality wards, and 59 corporation wards. The party aims to significantly improve these numbers in the upcoming elections.

However, in the case of Assembly polls, last time the party failed to win a single seat.

“Much water has flowed under the bridge. What the Lok Sabha Election result points out is that we could pin our hopes on certain constituencies. At 11 Assembly constituencies, we came first and at some others, we came second. We also expect three-cornered fights in a number of constituencies. We are not getting into numbers. But the party believes that 2026 Assembly polls will be a watershed moment for it,” said the spokesperson.

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‘Let the lotus bloom’

Underscoring the party’s approach, BJP chief JP Nadda, during his recent visit to Kerala, highlighted the party’s focus and target for the 2026 assembly polls.

He urged party workers to work tirelessly to ensure that the “lotus blooms” in Kerala in 2026. He encouraged party workers to continue their hard work to ensure the BJP’s victory in Kerala.

“Don’t stop. Move forward. The lotus has to bloom in Kerala. If it doesn’t bloom in the land of Lord Vishnu (Thiruvananthapuram), where else will it bloom?” Nadda asked.

Buoyed by the party’s electoral performance in the Lok Sabha polls, Nadda pointed out that the BJP has made significant gains in Kerala.

“In seats like Thiruvananthapuram and Attingal, the losses should be seen as victories due to the small margins,” he said.

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The approach

Party insiders say that the BJP’s strategy for the local body and Assembly polls will involve a combination of grassroots mobilization, targeted campaigning, and leveraging the popularity of national leaders.

The party plans to focus on key issues such as development, infrastructure, and welfare schemes to connect with voters across different demographics.

A senior party leader noted, “Our approach will be to engage with the people directly, understand their issues, and provide solutions that align with their aspirations. We are confident that our development-oriented agenda will resonate with the voters and help us increase our seat tally in both the local body and Assembly elections.”

With the lessons learned from the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is poised to challenge the traditional political equations in the state and aim for significant gains in the upcoming polls.

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